LoM Card Duel Advertisement

Posted on March 30th, 2022 by Dr. Sheexy
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Just a neat little thing to show off here. It’s an advertisement found at the end of the September 1999 issue of “Game Gather” a Japanese magazine focused on Magic the Gathering and other card games. The issue is for September, but it would have come out on shelves a month or two before.

The red text on the right side of the ad is noteworthy, as it essentially translates to “Square’s First Entry into Trading Cards,” which I had not really thought about. So yeah, it turns out the first trading card game Square ever released was for the Seiken Densetsu series. Very cool. Now, I’m only talking about the Square side of things here, as Enix launched a Dragon Quest Monsters TCG in April 1999, predating this by a handful of months.

Here is the ad:

Isn’t that fun? I honestly never thought I would get to see something like this, considering how few people know about this game.

This ad is specific to this magazine, as far as I can tell, as it appears on the inside of the back cover using the magazine’s fonts and visuals. Whether the game was advertised anywhere else we may never know, unless I start buying random Japanese magazines from around that time. This issue also has a two-page spread about the TCG that I will post about sometime in the future when I get more time to look at it.

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