Secret of Mana: Redux, Monsters and Bosses

Posted on April 17th, 2022 by Dr. Sheexy
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Over at Secret of Mana: Redux you can read all about the Monsters and Bosses in Secret of Mana.

Not only will you find the most detailed data sheets out there, with the information within coming directly from the game’s code, but you’ll find translations of the Monster and Bseoss descriptions from the best official guide Square put out in 1993. I even helped with a majority of those translations!

You can learn some interesting facts reading through those excerpts. For example, did you know Silktails are mutated Rabites?
Did you know most of the mechanical monsters and bosses were built by the Empire to replicate the real life versions of those monsters you face earlier in the game?
Did you know the Kimono Birds command the Mad Mallards, and they’re both in a group called the dark knights?
Did you know Griffin Hands exist because a drunk guy thought it would be a good idea to chop off a Griffin’s leg?

You’ll also want to check out each of the Boss entries, because they have really fun little comics! I believe most were translated by Sevon (the SaGa sage).

Well now you do! And you can know more facts if you head on over and check it out!
You can read about more updates to the site here.

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