Legend of Mana – The Teardrop Crystal – Title Sequence

Posted on September 23rd, 2022 by Dr. Sheexy
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You can now watch the title sequence to the Legend of Mana anime coming out in two weeks! Check it out!

Quite some neat things to see in the video! There are some Jumi we haven’t seen before, which is exciting. I have a feeling the blue guy is likely Sappho, Basket Fish’s friend who gets mentioned a few times in game (and a bit more in the Ultimania guide). Then of course we see Esmeralda’s sisters and Alexandrite (we didn’t technically see them before I guess), and an icy Jumi as well. It’s cool to see the Jumi fighting the skeletons, especially Rubens who we know but don’t know much about! Anyway, we can only hope Basket Fish graces the series, it will really be a shame if Legend of Mana’s most compelling character doesn’t get his time in the spotlight. You can find all of the trailers on the official site, here.

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