Super Groupies Secret of Mana Merch

Posted on October 5th, 2022 by Dr. Sheexy
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If you want to represent your love for Secret of Mana, Super Groupies has you covered. Siliconera and 4Gamer posted about this, and I heard about it over on the Mana Series Discord from Agent G.

From now until October 24th, you can pre-order three Secret of Mana items.

The first item is a Watch, going for around $175, that features a beautiful Mana Tree in green and gold with gems for each of the elements. In addition, the dial rotates to display the eight elementals in the order of Lumina, Salamando, Gnome, Sylphid, Shade, Luna, Undine, and Dryad. They are not weekday indicators, obviously since there are eight of them, but instead seem to change throughout the day which is kind of fun.
The second item is a Backpack, for around $120, which only has a little Flammie on display on the outside, but features some beautiful interiors with the game’s box art in the main section and the elementals (with the battle AI grid) in the side pockets. The belt is supposedly sword shaped, I can kind of see it I guess (the bottom zipper is the guard).
The final item is a Wallet, for around $98, again sporting Flammie, but this time with a little drum charm attached. On the interior is a card pocket with a distressed item ring menu, and a handful of pockets sporting the game’s box art again.

Check out the small thumbnails below, and head to the actual pages linked above for even more photos of each item.
What do you think of the items? Going to pick them up? Keep in mind you’ll have to import from Japan for this. These are also made to order, so finding them on the secondary market may be difficult.
I, for one, can’t wait to carry these bad boys around and represent my favorite series in style.

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