The Twelfth Day of Rabite Christmas

Posted on January 5th, 2023 by Dr. Sheexy
Filed under Merchandise, Seikens

On the twelfth day of Rabite Christmas the Seikens gave to me…

Twelve more Rabite things,

eleven more Rabite plushes,
ten Rabite charms,
nine Rabite kings,
eight Rabilions,
seven more Rabite plushes,
six Rabites peeping.
Five Rabite things!
Four Rabites sleeping,
three Rabite fans,
two Rabite mugs,
and a Rabite in the Mana Tree

Finally, we have two totes, three cloths (one from Children of Mana), a Heroes of Mana muffler, a Legend of Mana Card Duel trading card, a 30th anniversary charm, a Children of Mana screen cleaning plushie, a Trials of Mana card case (nearly impossible to see at this angle), a Black Rabite UFO prize plushie from the Trials of Mana remake, and a promotional hat from Dawn of Mana.

And just so you can get a good look at everything, I’ve got some zoomed in shots for you!

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