Mana Merch Sightings – May 2023 – Mishmash and Restocks

Posted on May 18th, 2023 by Dr. Sheexy
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There are a bunch of strange items available over at eeo store for The Teardrop Crystal. A lot of it is little knick-knacky nonsense, but there are some things I am looking forward to. The glasses case in particular is fun, and who wouldn’t want some random bag with Inspector Boyd on it?

When it comes to the gj Character G Jumi Pendants I posted about previously there was a small restock in Florina Pendants. I managed to get one this time, but it looks like they’re going fast again. Last time they sold out almost immediately. The other two pendants have been available this entire time, though. I took some photos of the two I had arrive. These things are really tiny! I should have paid attention to the description, but I would have gotten them regardless I guess.

Finally, the Super Groupies Secret of Mana collab that I posted about back in October seems to have had a substantial restock. These ended up great, I think. Check the photos I took out below.

First up, the Backpack. I thought it would be full leather, but that’s only the buckles and trim. The material is nice and light, though, and seems tough. The printing inside is beautiful, and my only real complaint is that the thing is a bit of a pain to open. Not due to the buckles, those are all just for show (magnets do all the work), but the Flammie strings that cinch it shut are a bit of a pain.

Next, the Wallet. This was much larger than I thought. It’s very hard to see the Mana Tree printing inside, and the embossing on the Ring Menu is a bit weak. This is the weakest of the three items, but it’s still nice.

Lastly, the best item, the Watch. It’s really beautiful, I’ve been wearing mine since I got it and it feels great. The elementals look really nice, I thought they would look cheap, but they’re actually printed with some texture. They cycle from Shade at midnight, through Luna, Undine, Dryad, Lumina at noon, Salamando, Gnome, and Jinn every 3 hours. The little gems are a bit hard to tell the differences in (especially the “dark” one), but in the right light they look incredible.

I am hoping these restocks mean I’ll be able to get my hands on the Super Groupies Teardrop Crystal collab stuff I missed out on last time.

Fun Fact: Kassidy sent me that Perler bead Sheexy around 15 years ago.

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