Legend of Mana Card Duel – Starter Deck Opening Video Three – Three More Decks! (Filmed in 2011)

Posted on July 29th, 2023 by Dr. Sheexy
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In this video I really start to learn just how hard it is (actually impossible) to complete a full Legend of Mana Card Duel collection using just Starter Decks. Watch as I slowly drift into insanity while opening three decks and obtain a scant few new cards. This video is a continuation of the previous two, filmed in 2011, so make sure to watch them if you have not yet for an introduction to the game’s cards and to see me open a couple more decks.

Again, you can read details about the card game, including the translated rule book and fully translated cards, here.

A special thanks to Sevon (Twitter, pixiv) for the awesome “Card Master Sheexy” art included in the video!

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