Mana Merch Sightings – October 2023 – Angela Statue

Posted on October 27th, 2023 by Dr. Sheexy
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After its announcement back around June of 2022 during an Echoes of Mana stream, this item disappeared from the radar for the longest time. It has finally released for preorder, however. I was kind of hoping they were saving this release to pair with a big Mana announcement, but it seems that we are not so lucky.

It’s a statue of Angela! You can preorder from the North American Square Enix Store, or the Japanese Square Enix Store. It’s been popping up other places too, but I’m not about to chase down every link for it.
The U.S. Dollar is very strong against the Yen these days, so I’ve decided to source it from Japan.

If you missed it in the past (I don’t think I posted about it, but I forget), there was also a Riesz Statue released in the past (North American Square Enix Store, Japanese Square Enix Store). She can actually be found relatively cheaper on third party sites now, so if you look around you might score a deal.

I’ve got a couple of the Riesz statues, still boxed up because I don’t really know where I would display something like this. It’s pretty big at almost 10 and a half inches for Riesz, and Angela might be a bit taller it seems. The quality is really nice, not that I know much about what to look for in these statues, but I can’t help but feel these really don’t get the faces quite right. Maybe I am just too used to Nobuteru YĆ«ki’s look for the characters. Can’t really complain though! Back in the day I would have never imagined these characters would get such nice pieces of merch. Now they have the small statues from the special edition, the Bring Arts action figures (A&D, R&H, C&K), and now these big statues. Pretty cool!

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