Visions of Mana Announced

Posted on December 8th, 2023 by Dr. Sheexy
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After 15 years, we have a new mainline Mana game.

You can check out the main Japanese site here or the English news release here.

7 Responses to “Visions of Mana Announced”

  1. JoshW Says:

    After what feels like 20 years, this site still exists and it’s even more pleasant to see this being made. I’m unsure what “Semi-Open Field” means, but let’s hope that it captures the essence of the classic SD2 & SD3. You’ve had this site open for a very long time, quite the dedication. And quite the time capsule for a time when the Internet was about exploring the web, rather than social media. Good on you, keep it up.

  2. Dr. Sheexy Says:

    Hey, thanks Josh! That comment is much appreciated! I’m very happy Seikens has survived all these years, you’re right that sites like these really are relics.

    I am looking forward to this game being what Dawn of Mana should have been. The character designs and world look promising so far.

  3. C Says:

    I’m very excited. If it’s not far off from the SD3 remake, but with multiplayer, this could well be GOTY 2024. They were so close to getting it right with that remake.

  4. Pauluz Says:

    42 years old but news like this still makes my day. Looks good!

  5. Dr. Sheexy Says:

    It’s unfortunately listed as single player on the Japanese site.
    I (somehow) still have not played the Trials remaster, I really need to get around to it.

  6. Leo Says:

    What joy to my 12-year-old self as a man nearing his 42nd year that I/we get to play in the world of Mana again as we did as children!

    Came across this site recently. What a nostalgic godsend. It’s been so helpful in filling the gaps in memory after so long. I love how you have links to sites I remember reading when I was at college in my late teens back in the days of Netscape! IIRC that is haha!

    A huge blessing for this ageing sinner.


  7. Dr. Sheexy Says:

    I’ve been meaning to redo our links page, I was thinking of adding links to long dead sites via the wayback machine.