Bestiary - Chobin Hood

These rodent like creatures are generally archers but have been known to use whips as well. They usually dress in a green tunic with an orange hood. They have a short bushy tail, so they do not appear to be mice or rats. They may be squirrels. Their name, Chobin Hood, is a reference to Robin Hood.

Secret of Mana

In SoM Chobin Hoods are classified as Dragons.

Chobin Hood / Poron (J)

These archers are found along the way to Elinee’s castle and are usually hiding behind thornbushes where they can effectively attack while staying out of range. Eye Spys can summon Chobin Hoods to attack for them.

Robin Foot / Porobin Hood (J)

Found in the Northtown Ruins these are more powerful versions of Chobin Hoods. Karon is a notable Chobin Hood who will ferry you to the Moon Palace in the desert. Despite being friendly Karon can still be targeted and killed by spells. Occasionally when entering the ferry one of the computer controlled characters will attempt (and somtimes succeed) to attack Karon.

Seiken Densetsu 3

In SD3 enemy are classified as Dragons.


Found on the Gold Road they come after your character mostly during the day. They use a whip and will sometimes throw darts which you can obtain from them.

Porobin Hood

These souped up versions of Porons live in the Lampflower forest. They sport a yellow hood and will usually cast sleep flower on you. They sometimes drop darts.

Porobin Leader

These much stronger purple and blue versions of Porons live in the Forest of Wonder. They posess counter magic and leaf sabre along with sleep flower spells. They appear to have a vendetta against Hawk as they will only use darts on him. Their oil can boost your characters HP.

Legend of Mana

In LoM Chobin Hoods are classified as Demi-Human.

Chobin Hood / Poron (J)

Chobin Hoods got their bow back in LoM. A few can be found working for the Mantis Ant as bandits on the Luon Highway. They are described in the game as master bow hunters which are cute but can be pretty mean. Later in the game the same two Chobin Hoods that stuck Niccolo up can be found as Skeletons working for the Death Bringer. Chitto the Chobin Hood can be found as a pet in the Jungle if the Dryad level reaches 3. As a pet his synchro effect increases the damage of your indirect attacks.

Sword of Mana

Chobin Hood / Poron (J)

Chobin Hoodlum / Porobin Hood (J)

Children of Mana

Chobin Hood / Poron (J)

Chobin Hoodlum / Porobin Hood (J)

Dawn of Mana

Chobin Hood / Poron (J)

Heroes of Mana

Chobin Hood / Poron (J)