Bestiary - Crawler

Crawlers are a family of armored caterpillars in the Seiken Densetsu series. Their attacks are usually associated with poison and they tend to live in forest settings. Between SoM and SD3 they had a great change in design. They no longer crawled and attacked with their tail, they stood upright and rolled to attack. In LoM they went through a cute phase.

Final Fantasy Adventure

Unused Enemy Sprite

Though no form of Crawler appeared in FFA this large enemy sprite appears in the game data. It was most likely for a boss. All that exists are walking animations.

Secret of Mana


These big, green, armored caterpillars live in the Great Forest. They attack by swinging their heavy tail end at you, this usually results in your character becoming poisoned. They will very rarely cast Sleep Flower on you. They can spit webs which have a small chance of slowing down a character.

Metal Crawler

These purple metallic Crawlers are found in the Underground City as well as the Mana Fortress. Kimono Wizards summon them. They have a tendency to cast Defender on themselves. They attack by swinging their tail and by breathing fire on you which will lead to a character becoming engulfed.

Seiken Densetsu 3

In SD3 Crawlers are classified as Insects.

Mega Crawler

Crawlers received a workover in SD3. Instead of crawling and attacking with their tails they now stand up and roll around. They are found in the Lampflower Forest and are summoned by Gildervine. With their rolling attack they have a chance of poisoning you. They can spit out a Spider Web to cause you to move slower. Their claws can be used to cast Leaf Sabre.

Giga Crawler

These red caterpillars live in the Forest of Wonder. Their rolling attack can hit up to two times and has a higher chance of poisoning you than a Mega Crawler’s roll. They have a Sweet String technique that will give an ally monster Leaf Sabre. They also have an Aura Crush technique that seems to do nothing.

Legend of Mana

In LoM Silkspitters are classified as Arthropods.

Silkspitter / Mega Crawler (J)

The caterpillar enemies of the series returned in a very childish cute form in LoM. They are mainly found in the White Forest. They are described as using their silk to attack instead of use it to build a cocoon because “they might not want to grow up”. They attack with various web based attacks. As a pet they increase your defense against other Arthropods.

Sword of Mana

Mega Crawler

Children of Mana

Mega Crawler

Giga Crawler

Dawn of Mana

Tremorkin / Giga Crawler

Rumblekin / Mega Crawler

Heroes of Mana

Mega Crawler