Bestiary - Demon

Demons are a large and diverse group of enemies in the Seiken Densetsu series. They always have some link to evilness. Recently Lesser and Greater Demons as well as Punkmasters have appeared in SwoM and CoM.

Chibi Devils

These little demonic cherubs are considered demons.


Face enemies classify as, and are usually named after Demons.


In SD3 and LoM Knights are considered to be Demons.

Final Fantasy Adventure


Though it is called a Gargoyle, this enemy looks like a small flying demon. They are always paired with Red Wisps. They attack by lunging towards you and will sometimes blind you when they hit.

Seiken Densetsu 3

In SD3 Demons are classified as a Demons.

Lesser Demon

Lesser Demons are found in the Glass Desert, Jungle of Illusion and the Cave of Darkness. On Riesz or Hawk’s quest they can be found in the Navarre Throneroom. They attack with their giant claws and will usually counter magic by casting Dark Force on the entire screen. Demon claws will add Dark Sabre to your weapon.

Great Demon

These red Demons are found in Dragon’s Hole as well as the Dark Castle. The Black Rabite summons level 99 Great Demons to fight. It is greater than the Lesser Demon in the fact that it can perform dual slash attacks as well as cast Demon Breath, a very strong fire spell which hits the entire screen and uses Mind Down and lowers your Magic Defense.

Arch Demon

The Arch Demon is the final Boss in Hawk and Reisz’ story. This Demon is the reincarnation of the Dark Prince. It has two forms. In the first form the Dark Prince can be seen sitting in the middle. The armor surrounding him will change colors, and the Demon will cast different level 2 spells on you depending on the color. After a substantial amount of damage is done the Demon will seem to explode, but it will just be part of the armor splitting open to reveal the true form of the demon. In this form it grows arms and can toss you around the room. It no longer changes colors and uses evil spells such as Demon Screech, Demon Breath and the devastating Catastrophe.

Legend of Mana

In LoM Chimeras and Punksters are classified as Demonic.

Chimera Beasts and Chimera Lord / Kako Demon and Hanputei Demon (J)

Chimeras are very rare enemies in LoM and are found in the Underworld and on Lucemia. They attack with punches and kicks and can petrify you. A Chimera Lord appears as a boss in the White Forest when Diddle is lost there, but it does nothing different than the normal ones. As a pet Chimera Beasts will raise your attack against oddities. Their name comes from the mythological creature which was a mix of a goat, an eagle and a lion.

Punkster and Punk Master / Spine Demon and Lesser Demon (J)

Punksters are wind aligned Demons which usually attack with their claws or by spinning. A Punkmaster appears as a boss in the Jungle, but is exactly like the normal Punksters. As a pet they raise your defense to Demons.


Irwin is a demon and also the king of the Faeries in LoM. When he was young he stole Matilda’s magical energy causing her to age very fast. He has some plot to take over the normal world from the Faerie world and can only do it if Matilda agrees to be his queen in the Faerie world. She chooses not to and is sad at how Irwin ripped their friendships with Daena and Escad apart. Irwin ressurects the giant Wurm Lucemia and you must go defeat him there. He is a giant demon and attacks with his claws. He has a Power Claw attack which will cause his claws to shoot out at you. He can summon three bolts of lightning with his Tri-Shock attack. When he uses Nuclear Sky you see his normal form flash inside of his Demon form and then he jumps into the air to bomb the screen.