Bestiary - Divine Beings

There are a few Divine creatures in the Seiken Densetsu series. After visiting the Mana Holy Land after you have visited each of the Mana Stones in the world and taken the spirit protecting them the God Beasts will be released from them. These great creatures once destroyed the world before the Mana Goddess defeated them all with the Mana Sword. The God Beasts are able to use all of the magic attacks related to the element which they represent. The Godbeasts made a reappearance in CoM as Benevodons where they would tell your character various bits of knowledge. Before they befriended you they had been mixed together into evil Mavelodons.

Seiken Densetsu 3

Dangaard – Godbeast of Air

The fight with Dangaard takes place on Flammie’s back high up in the air after you find its lair in the Corridor of Wind. The fight consists of four phases, each one indicated by Flammie flying behind a giant cloud and then a view shift from above-view to side-view and vice versa. Daangard appears to be some sort of two-headed griffon. He uses a special Air Thrasher and Thunderstorm attack through the battle and when he becomes low on HP he will use the attacks much more often.

Xan Bie Xavier – Godbeast of Fire

Xan Bie is located in the Valley of Flames. The fight with this fire dragon takes place in a room with a giant furnace which is constantly healing Xan Bie. The furnace can either be defeated or you can choose to just overwhelm the beast with damage. Xan Bie goes through different forms through the battle. When it appears as nothing but floating fireballs it can only be hurt with magic, but as long as its head is visible you can attack that. When Xan Bie is nearing death it will cast Power Up on itself.

Fiegmund – Godbeast of Water

This giant lizard is found inside the Labyrinth of Ice Walls. The battle takes place on a giant sheet of ice which Fiegmund can jump on top of or below. When Fiegmund is on the bottom of the ice sheet it will blast you with magic which is also the only thing you can do to it until it jumps back to the top. When Fiegmund is low on HP it will cast Mind Up on itself.

Mispolm – Godbeast of Tree

Mispolm is a giant Pumpkin Bomb paired with two small Tropicallo heads. This Godbeast is located in the Forest of Wonder. Through the battle the giant Pumpkin Bomb head will cast various magics as well as shoot Pumpkin Bombs or Grenades at your characters. It has a Kill Stinger attack which can deal massive damage. The two heads on the side will occasionally bite down on one of your characters, but this can be countered by giving them an item. Mispolm likes to cast Counter Magic, so you should be careful when casting spells.

Dolan – Godbeast of Moon

This giant wolf/goat creature is found at the Moon Reading tower. Dolan uses many status affecting skills including his Howl which will do damage as well as reduce your defense, his Gravitation Pull which will do a good bit of damage while reducing your hit and evade rates, as well as attacks which will change you into a Chibikko. His Spiral Moon attack will do damage and reduce the HP of your entire party.

Land Umber – Godbeast of Earth

Land Umber is found in the Gemstone Valley Dorian. He is a giant floating golem of sorts. Aside from using Gnome magic he will also punch your characters with his floating arms. His Crashball attack picks up a character and throws it across the room where they will bounce like a pinball for a bit. Land Umbers greatest attack is his Hyper Cannon which hits the entire party for magical damage and decreases your hit and evade rate.

Lightgazer – Godbeast of Light

Lightgazer lives in the Ancient Temple of Light and is very similar to a giant Beholder. Lightgazer uses tons of magic to fight and floats or phases around the battlefield. Its Prisoner special attack will damage the entire party as well as turn everyone into a Moogle. When Lightgazer is close to being killed it will start healing itself like crazy.

Zable Fahr – Godbeast of Darkness

Zable Fahr is always the last Godbeast you will face. He is located in either the Mirage Palace, Dragons Hole or the Dark Castle depending on your main character. Zable Fahr consists of three heads; one feminine central head and two demon like side heads make up the beast. The fight starts with just the side heads, but once they are destroyed the central head comes and heals them completely. Once the central head appears you should focus all of your attacks on it, once it is defeated the side heads will follow. Its Demon Breath and Darkness Beam will both lower the magic effectiveness and resistances of your characters. Its Hell Cross, Dark Blazon and Summon Demon attacks do great damage to your party members. Its most devastating attack is Death Spell which can instantly kill any of your characters.

Legend of Mana

The Mana Goddess

Once you reach the ruins at the top of the Mana Tree you must kill four sets of enemies located there. After that you are taken to where the Mana Goddess resides. She has been tainted by darkness and asks you to fight her. She shifts between three different forms: one with a double-bladed sword, one that is slightly budding and one that has a full flower. The moon in the background can cause different things to happen when it is either full or eclipsed. When full the Mana Goddess will move at the speed of light and attack you. When it is eclipsed beams from the moon will sweep across the ground. The Mana Goddess can create a whirlwind around herself, shoot a ball of lightning that will attack whoever is hit, and summon a deadly black sphere in front of herself.

Children of Mana





The Mana Lord

The Scion of Mana

Heroes of Mana

Xan Bie Xavier – Godbeast of Fire

Land Umber – Godbeast of Earth