Bestiary - Dragon

Dragons appear in many different forms in the Seiken Densetsu series. They are typically some of the strongest enemies found in the game. A type of enemies in the games labelled Dragons always have very strong attack powers and may or may not actually be dragons. Usually Dragons are found close to the end of the game as bosses and for some reason seem to come in groups of three. Petit Dragons, Land Dragons and Sky Dragons all came back in SwoM and CoM.


Final Fantasy Adventure


The Hydra guards the Moon Mirror in Marsh Cave. It shoots fireballs as an attack, and will also try to bite you when it comes close to the shore.

Zombie Dragon

The Zombie Dragon is actually a Zombie Hydra found inside the Mana Tower. How it swims through solid rock is unknown, but it acts exactly as the Hydra before it did.

Secret of Mana

The Jabberwocky and Hydra are classified as Reptiles.


The Jabberwocky was Ghestar’s pet that he used to attack your characters in the Water Palace after you try to return the Mana Seed. The Jabberwocky has two heads which will fly around and bite you, when he takes enough damage one of his heads will die. He can cure himself as well as cast Acid Storm on you. The name “Jabberwocky” comes from a poem of the same name by Lewis Carroll which describes an adventurer’s battle with the mysterious beast.


The Hydra, like the Jabberwocky has multiple heads. When one of its heads is destroyed it will usually grow another one back shortly. It casts Acid Storm and cure. The Hydra is found in the Underground City.

Sword of Mana


In Sword of Mana the Hydra is found in Marsh cave like the one from Final Fantasy Adventure. This Hydra is also guarding the Moon Mirror. The Hydra has two different colored heads. The red head does normal physical damage and the blue head attacks with water element moves. Both heads posess a bite attack, but the blue head will deal water damage during its attack. The red head also has a bite attack which will hold you down and chomp on you. The blue head can spit Poison Breath at you with a 25% chance of poisoning you. It can also use two Bubble attacks, a Breath move and one that drops from the sky. Only the Bubble Drop attack will damage you, but they both have a 25% chance to freeze you. Salamander magic and the Bow are both very useful in this battle.


Final Fantasy Adventure


The Dragon lives in the Mana Tower. It slowly walks in a zig-zag pattern while breathing fire at you. The Dragon can only be harmed by attacking his head.

Red Dragon

This boss is exactly like the Dragon before it, but it moves in the opposite direction. It is found in the Mana Tower. The Red Dragon would later reappear in Sword of Mana as a giant boss which would breath fire on you or lash at you with it’s tail. You can choose to attack its foot or face.

Secret of Mana

Snow Dragon / White Dragon (J)

The first of three Dragons in the Pureland, the Snow Dragon is found in an icy area. It has Frost Breath and uses its tail to whip you. It has a Baloon Ring attack that it can use regardless of the MP it has. It uses other ice attacks as well during the fight.

Red Dragon / Fire Dragon (J)

The second of the three dragons is found in a cave. The Red Dragon has a flame breath attack and uses a variety of fire spells on you.

Blue Dragon

The last dragon is blue and is found on a small ruin site. It uses Blitz Breath as well as thunderbolt.

Mana Beast

The Mana Beast is the last enemy in the game. It appears and attacks the Mana Fortress because it is using up all of the world’s Mana. When the Mana Beast comes forth it absorbs all sorts of other Mana based beings from the world into itself, and this includes Flammie the Dragon. The Hero has a hard time coping with the fact that he is killing his friend, but he has to do it to save the world from the uncontrollable rage of the Mana Beast. This is at least the second time the Mana Beast has come forth as the “Veedio” records in Mandala indicate. Through the battle the Mana Beast will charge the Fortress head on or turn into a spiraling Fireball to attack it. After either of these sequences it will either lower itself down to your level or fly up to you. At this time it casts Wall and Lucent Beams. After a short while it will fly away and then come in from the side to kick you. The way to beat it is to summon the Mana Sword by casting “Mana Magic” with both the Sprite and the Girl while the Hero has the sword, then you swing away into victory. Once it is defeated all of the Mana is thrown into another world along with the Sprite (who is made of Mana) and the Mana Beast turns into snow.

Seiken Densetsu 3

Frost Dragon

Frost Dragons live in the Maze of Ice Walls as well as early on in the Dragon Hole. Like the other dragons in its family it seems to have wings that do not work. It attacks by kicking as well as breathing ice. Their fangs can be used to cast Cold Blaze on an enemy.

Petit Dragon

These green dragons live in the Gemstone Valley as well as the Dragon Hole. It has poison breath.

Petit Tiamat

These dragons live inside the Cave of Darkness, the Glass Desert and the Dragon Hole. They are able to cast a Thunderstorm on you as well as breathe lightning.

Dragon Zombie

The Dragon Zombie counts as an undead enemy as well as a dragon. It is found in the Mirage Palace as well as in the Dragon Hole. It breathes methane at you as an attack.

Dragon Emperor

The Dragon Emperor is the final boss in Duran and Angela’s storyline. His Dragoon is The Darkshine Knight, and he convinced Koren the Crimson Mage to help him attain ungodly powers. The Dragon Emperor can cast nearly all of the Elemental spells found in the game and has very high defenses against nearly all magic.

Legend of Mana

Kid Dragon / Petit Dragon (J)

This “Half-pint” dragon is exactly what its name implys. The little guy has hardly learned to breathe fire but he is already out in the world looking to fight adventurers. As a pet he protects you from breath attacks.

Sky Dragon

Sky Dragons are fairly uncommon in LoM. They attack with swoops and a freezing breath attack. As a pet it increases your defense against other dragons.

Land Dragon

The Land Dragon is a powerful enemy found in LoM. It has a tail whip attack as long as bites and a breath attack which will set you on fire. When used as a pet it raises your defense against Demons.

Akravator / Mega Lord (J)

Akravator lives on the Norn Peaks and is followed by a gang of bird people called the Windcallers. Akravator uses wind based attacks and blocks a lot. It protects a Mana Crystal.


Jajara is followed by The Deathbringer and lives inside the Bone Fortress. Jajara, like the bone fortress, is made of bones. It has attacks which can bring crushing rocks down to the ground. After you defeat it once it will fuse two statues with itself and fight you as a horrible Frankenstein type bone dragon thing. It protects a Mana Crystal.


Vanadise lives in the White Forest. Sierra is her Dragoon. She is out to stop Drakonis from gaining the power he is after, and so she protects a Mana Crystal. She is able to phase in and out as well as use magic. Later in the Dragon Arc quests she becomes a sort of leader for you.

Drakonis / Tiamat (J)

Drakonis runs the underworld, and by gaining the power of the Mana Crystals he raises his home, The Flames, from the underworld into the outside world. Larc was Drakonis’ Dragoon and was used to do his bidding, your character too helped him achieve his evil goal. When Drakonis finally achieved his goal he turned Larc into a Centaur and attempted to kill you. He has many fire breathing attacks as well as an attack where he flys into the air and attempts to squash you on the ground. He can summon lava to shoot out of the ground.

Sword of Mana

Kid Dragon / Petit Dragon (J)

This Dragon looks exactly the same as it did in Seiken Densetsu 3, but carries the name of a Dragon from Legend of Mana. In Sword of Mana it attacks with a bite and can also breathe fire with its Petit Breath attack or spit out a fire ball with its Fire Breath which each have a 25% chance of engulfing you in flames.

Sky Dragon

This rare flying Dragon’s main attack is to stab its tail at you. It also has a Frost Breath and a Cold Breath attack which hits a larger area. Both of its Breath attacks have a 25% chance of freezing you.

Land Dragon

Land Dragons are rare and powerful enemies in Sword of Mana. Along with their regular Head Attack it also posesses a large area Petrify Breath and a heat seeking Stone Breath attack which have a 25% chance of petrifying you.

Demagon / Huge Dragon (J)

This Dragon that Julius sics on you in the Mana Sanctuary is extremely large. You can either choose to fight the head at the top of the screen or its tail, which constantly switches sides of the screen, on the bottom. The Dragon has many moves. It can bite you or glare at you, freezing you in place, or throw a Power Ball to do damage. It also has two breath attacks; Fire Breath which does fire damage and Flame Breath which has a 100% chance to engulf you in flames.

Children of Mana

Kid Dragon / Petit Dragon (J)

Heavy This Dragon is just like the one from Sword of Mana. It attacks with a bite and can also breathe fire with its Petit Breath attack or spit out a fire ball with its Fire Breath which each have a 25% chance of engulfing you in flames.

Sky Dragon

Very Heavy This Dragon is just like the one from Sword of Mana. It attacks mainly by stabbing with its tail. It also has a Frost Breath and a Cold Breath attack which hits a larger area. Both of its Breath attacks have a 25% chance of freezing you.

Land Dragon

Extremely Heavy The Land Dragon in Children of Mana is slightly different from the one in Sword of Mana. It still retains the Head Attack, but instead of petrify breath it has a Poison Breath that will poison you 50% of the time.

Dawn of Mana


The Wyvern is the third boss in Dawn of Mana. Only one is faced by Keldy, but many more exist and several are killed by Flammie. The Masked Mage uses one as his personal steed. One of the dragon’s main attacks is to swoop down at you at a very high speed. By timing your jump right or by positioning a rock pillar between yourself and the dragon you can avoid the attack and maybe even cause the dragon to fall to the ground. The dragon can also shoot fireballs which will follow you as well as flap its wings to blow you away. Spinning the rocks on the field and then throwing them will cause them to heat seek and knock the Wyvern down where you can then attack him. Only Undine Hexorbs are effective on this boss.

Heroes of Mana

There are many Dragon bosses in Heroes of Mana. They resemble the Dragons from Secret of Mana.