Bestiary - Duck Soldier

Duck Soldiers are ducks that wear army helmets and know how to use swords and ball and chains. They are generally found in desert areas and usually have some connection to Pumpkin Bombs.

Final Fantasy Adventure

Duck Soldier

Duck Soldiers live inside the Ice Cave north of Lorimar. They fight using swords.

Secret of Mana

In SoM Ducks are classified as Dragons.

Mad Mallard / Duck Soldier (J)

Mad Mallards “swim” around in the Kakara Desert. They summon Pumpkin Bombs to fight with them. Their main attack is laying an exploding egg which will roll towards you. A helmet bearing their likeness can be bought in Tasnica.

Captain Duck / Duck General (J)

Captain Ducks are stationed in the Underground City as well as the Mana Fortress. Like Mad Mallards they will shoot eggs at you, but most of the time they will pull out a TNT toggle and use it to cast Exploder on you.

Seiken Densetsu 3

In SD3 Ducks are classified as a Dragons.

Duck Soldier

These monsters are found in the Desert of Scorching Heat. They fight with a ball and chain and will often throw Pumpkin Bombs at your characters.

Duck General

These ducks can be found stationed in the Valley of Flames as well as a fire scene in the Mirage Palace. They use a ball and chain as their main weapon, but they keep a multitude of throwing weapons at their ready. Pumpkin Bombs, Darts and Hand Axes can all be gained from them.

Legend of Mana

In LoM Mad Mallards are classified as Demi-Humans.

Mad Mallard / Duck (J)

Mad Mallards once again appeared in a desert area and act as though they are swimming on the sand. They can be found in various other places as well. They attack with their wings if you are close, but if you are further away they will shoot an egg which will explode into a bunch of tiny versions of themselves. A friendly duck named Captain Dayang can be found at Lake Kilma if the Wisp level is at three. He increases your defense when he is with you. For some strange reason there is a friendly cigar smoking duck found in the Mekiv Caverns during a Jumi quest.

Sword of Mana

In SwoM Mad Mallards are classified as Demi-Humans.

Duck GI / Duck Soldier (J)

In SwoM Ducks again weild flails like they did in SD3. They attack both normally and with the same charge attack that your character can use. They posess Wisp magic and use it in the same fashion as a character equipped with the flail does.

Duck General

Generals are simply powered up Duck GIs.

Children of Mana

Duck Soldier

Medium The Duck Soldiers in Children of Mana function the same as they did in Sword of Mana. Their Wisp magic attack no longer does magical damage, but just normal damage.

Heroes of Mana

Duck Soldier