Bestiary - Elemental

The monsters in this section are somewhat similar to the good Elementals, but these ones are bad.

Final Fantasy Adventure

Air Element

Air Elements live in the Ice Caves north of Lorimar along with Beholders. They fly around and are very hard to hit.

Earth Element

These creatures live in the Subterranean Caves with Fire Moths. They can merge into the ground and pop up somewhere else. They do heavy damage.

Red Wisp

These monsters are first found in Kett’s Inn with Gargoyles. If they hit you they can inflict Darkness on you.


These living Snowmen are found around the Lorimar snowfield area with Saber Kittys. They just slide around.

Ifrite / Ifflyte (J)

The Ifrite is found in the Undersea Volcano and is guarding the Rusty Sword. During the fight it will crawl around at the top of the screen and shoot fireballs at you. Occasionally it will curl into a ball and pinball around the room.

Secret of Mana

In SoM Gigas are classified as Spirits.

Fire Gigas

The Fire Gigas attacked the Earth Palace in the Dwarf town in Gaia’s Navel. Gnome was afraid of the monster and could do nothing to stop him from going after the Mana Seed, so the heroes had to stop him. He uses many multi-targeted fire spells.

Frost Gigas

When Santa took the Fire Seed from the Fire Palace he turned into the Frost Gigas and took up residence in the Ice Palace. The Frost Gigas talked to the main characters telling them to go away, and it treated them like children. If the battle with the Frost Gigas is lost you will not recieve a game-over, but instead you will appear in the Ice Palace Throne Room and be ordered to leave, so some of Santa’s original self is still behind the beast. During the fight he uses many multi-targeted spells and casts Ice Sabre on your characters to reduce the damage you can do to him. He has an ice breath attack that will encase you in ice and then frosty you.

Thunder Gigas

The Thunder Gigas is in the third part of the Pure Land before the Blue Dragon. He uses Sylphid spells as well as a blitz breath.

Sword of Mana