Bestiary - Ghost

These spirits started looking like generic ghosts in the first two games, but after SoM they turned into strange clown like spirits.

Final Fantasy Adventure


Ghosts in FFA can only be hit by Magic or the Silver Sword. They simply fly around the room to fight.

Secret of Mana

In SoM Ghosts are classified as Ghosts.


Specters are found in the Ice Palace. They fight by using Freeze on you. Your physical attacks go straight through them, and if you stand on them they will flatten into a pancake.


Ghosts are much stronger Specters which are found in the Pureland. They drop the very rare Watcher’s Ring.

Seiken Densetsu 3

In SD3 Ghosts are classified as Undead.


These clown like spirits are found in the Ghost Ship and the Moonlight Forest. They attack with their little tail and can cast Dark Fear, an antimagic spell. Their eyes can be used to cast Antimagic on enemies.


The Ghosts are exactly like Specters but a little bit stronger. They are found in the Cave of Darkness and wherever Necromancers will summon them.


Gorva is faced on the Ghost Ship. It attacks by casting various spells during the battle. Evil Gate and Anti-Magic are its most common attacks, but it also has two special attacks. Ghost Road will summon many Specters to swarm the screen and damage all of your characters and Black Rain will cause damage to all of your characters as well. Gorva plays some type of musical instrument to summon the Specters.

Legend of Mana

In LoM Specters are classified as Poltergeists.


These enemies grew hands in LoM. They attack with slaps and swipes with their tail. As a pet their Synchro protects you from being frozen.


Gova is fought on the S.S. Buccaneer. One of the Pirate Penguins catches a strange bottle while there is an erie calm about the sea and Gova is found inside. It attacks by whipping with its hair and striking with its arms. It can suck your blood with its Life Drain technique. It has a drum it can play damaging musical notes with in its Drummer Boy technique. Because Gova is spelled similar to Gorva, they both play instruments, and they are fought on boats they could be the same monster.


The Spriggan is fought in the Gato Grottoes caves after Matilda is stolen. At the beginning of the fight it summons two Skeletons to fight with it. It has the same Life Drain attack as Gova and can also use a giant meat tenderizer to hit you with its Iron Crush technique. Sometimes it will roll the carpet and cause you to fly up in the air.


This Wisp like monster is a boss in the Underworld. When it is just floating around you are able to hit it, but then it will disappear and the faces surrounding it will begin to chant and then shoot various beams across the room. Hitodama come from Japanese lore, they are supposed to be people’s spirits.

Sword of Mana

In SwoM Specters are classified as Poltergeists.


Being undead, these monsters can only be damaged with magic. They can kick you with their tail or use two different Drain attacks to deal damage. Their heat seeking Drain attack will convey 50% of the damage they do to you into health for themselves, and their circular area Mega Drain attack will restore as much health as they do damage with it.

Ghostum / Ghost (J)

These yellow and purple ghosts are stronger versions of specters and carry all of the same attacks.

Children of Mana


Medium Specters in Children of Mana have the same attacks as those from Sword of Mana. They can be attacked with regular weapons and magic alike.

Ghostum / Ghost (J)

Medium Ghostums are stronger versions of Specters.

Heroes of Mana