Bestiary - Goblin

Goblins are portrayed in the Seiken Densetsu series as lazy axe toting enemies. They can usually be found sleeping in caves. They appear to wear hoods made from Rabites family pelts, and sometimes when they are surprised or injured the hoods will lift off and reveal their ghostly looking faces. They rarely use magic and sometimes carry boomerangs.

Final Fantasy Adventure


These enemies are found early in the game paired with Myconids. Unlike in the other Seiken Densetsu games these Goblins carry daggers instead of axes.

Secret of Mana

In SoM Goblins are classified as Dragons.

Kid Goblin / Goblin (J)

Wearing Rabite hoods, these enemies can be found wandering around the caves at Gaia’s Navel. They apparently are rather civilized because at the beginning of the game you can be captured by them and taken to a village of theirs where it is seen they have huts, dance around and even talk. They are found to be lazily guarding switches and a Magic Rope in the Dwarf Cave.

Goblin / Goblin Lord (J)

These Goblins have Silktail hoods and are found in the Fire Palace. These creatures summon Ma Goblins instead of it being the other way around, this is because in Japanese they are Goblin Lords. They carry boomerangs with them.

Ma Goblin / Goblin Guard (J)

Summoned by Goblins these creatures have a hood which does not relate to any of the Rabite enemies in SoM. These Goblins also carry boomerangs.

Seiken Densetsu 3

In SD3 Goblins are classified as Dragons.


Goblins are nocturnal in SD3 and are always sleeping during the day. They attack with their axe and will sometimes throw axes at you. They wear Rabite hoods. Sometimes they will drop axes which you can then use.

Goblin Lord

These creatures can use stat down magic, but other than that they are very similar to normal Goblins. They also sleep during the day, but these ones wake up easier than their cousins. They wear Rabilion hoods. They commonly drop Magic Ropes, this may be a reference to the fact that two Kid Goblins guarded the Magic Rope in SoM.

Beast Master

These Goblins have the ability to summon Kerebos and Gold Bulettes to fight with them. They also tend to use alot of magic down spells and other stat down magics. In typical Goblin fashion they sleep through the day. They wear Rabilion hoods.

Legend of Mana

In LoM Goblins are classified as Demi-Human.


In LoM Goblins are described as believing that evil doing is the true meaning of life. They are found in caves and do not appear to sleep as much as usual. They wear Rabilion hoods, but the pet version wears Rabite. Since they are considered Demi-Humans only one can be found as a pet. This Goblin is named Guri. To find him you must go to Lumina when the Shade level is at 3. As a pet their synchro effect makes slashes more powerful.

Sword of Mana


Goblin Guard

Children of Mana


Goblin Guard

Dawn of Mana


Goblin Shaman / Goblin Lord (J)

Heroes of Mana