Bestiary - Golem

These mechanical beings are somewhat similar to the Golems of Jewish Mythology. They have been brought to life by some artificer and have since gained a mind of their own. They have bell shaped bodies and heads that look like a mix between a Mage and a Viking.

Final Fantasy Adventure


These robots roam the halls of the Dime Tower. They walk around and shoot lasers.

Secret of Mana

In SoM Golems are classified as Machines.

Kilroy / Guardian (J)

Kilroy is the Scorpion Army’s first Super Deluxe Robot you must face. It is found in their ship underneath the Fire Palace. They stole the Water Seed and used it to power their robot, but it went crazy and started to attack. It attacks by swinging its large hammers at you which have a high chance of Moogling you. It walks around normally, but after enough damage it will move onto using a Unicycle as a means of getting around. The name “Kilroy” may refer to a graffiti tag used by many people during World War 1.

Kettle Kin / Death Machine (J)

This robot is the second one used by the Scorpion Army and is described as being their Super Deluxe Robot type 2, with Turbo. It is faced in the Underground City. It fights very similar to Kilroy, but it will sometimes whip out a chainsaw to attack with. According to a Japanese guide to SoM Kettle Kin can also ride around on a large drill instead of a unicycle.

Seiken Densetsu 3

In SD3 Golems are classified as Machines.

Machine Golem

Machine Golems work for the Wizards of Altena and are found in Forcena and Altena. They attack by quickly turning to one side and trying to clothesline you. They can also shoot off their arms with their deadly Rocket Punch attack. Three of these enemies are faced in the Dwarf Tunnel as well as in the Sub-Zero snowfield as bosses.


These pumped up Machine Golems are found in the Glass Desert and the Jungle of Illusion. They usually start battles off by casting Rust Hurricane which will inflict you with Protect down. If they take a hit from a spell or technique they will use their Breastfire technique to shoot a giant laser across the screen.

Death Machine

These machines of death live inside the Dragon’s Hole. They usually start battles off by casting Thunderbolt. If they take enough damage fast enough they will shoot off a Freeze Beam similar to the Breastfire technique that the Guardians have, if it hits a character they will be frozen.

Legend of Mana

Machine Golem

Machine Golems were created by Professor Bomb. His first Machine Golem Pavlov gained a life of his own and escaped to Lake Kilma where you must confront him. After beating him you gain the ability to make Golems in the workshops behind your house. A single Machine Golem can be fought for tons of experience crystals in the Bejeweled City. More detailed information on crafting Golems will come later.

Sword of Mana


Children of Mana


Dawn of Mana

Golem Soldier / Golem Guardian (J)

Golem Archer

Golem Mage

Golem Generalissimo

Heroes of Mana

Machine Golem