Bestiary - Howler

Howlers are wolf enemies which appear throughout the Seiken Densetsu series. They generally live in cold snowy areas in the games, and are little more than normal wolves. In most of the games there are dark hellish versions of them with firey attacks.

Secret of Mana

Howler / Jackal (J)

In SoM Howlers are classified as Animals. They live in the icy areas around Todos Village. They can cast Speed Down on your characters. When running around the area it is typical to hear them howling, hence their name.

Beast Zombie

In SoM Beast Zombies are classified as Undead. Beast Zombies are first encountered in the palace on Gold Isle. These red Howlers do little more than charge at you to attack, much like their cousins.

Heck Hound / Hell Hound (J)

In SoM Heck Hounds are classified as Animals. These dark grey wolves have the ability to summon Howlers and Beast Zombies to fight with them. They are mainly found in the Mana Fortress and Mana Palace. Heck Hounds can cast Blaze Wall.

Seiken Densetsu 3

In SD3 these wolves are classified as Animals.

Bound Wolf

These wolves live around Jadd and inside the Moonlit Forest. They posess a bite attack which can hit multiple times.


Kerberos are found in the Moonreading Tower and the Cave of darkness. They can also be found anywhere a Beast Master will summon them. They have the same bite attack, but have also learned a new flame breathing ability. Their name references the three headed hound of Hades, Cerberus.

Legend of Mana

Howler / Bound Wolf (J)

In LoM Howlers are classified as Beasts. The Howlers lost their front two legs in LoM and now hop from place to place. They attack with a variety of kicks and bites. Howlers reside in the Norn Peaks and the White Forest mainly, but can be found in a few other areas. As a pet their Synchro effect raises the skill of your character. Friendly Howlers are orange and enemy Howlers are blue.

Boreal Hound / Boreal (J)

Though not technically a Howler, there is no other place where the Boreal Hound fits in. This monster is a boss found in Lake Kilma during a quest in the Fairy story arc. It uses many different special techniques, and seems to be aligned with Jinn.

Sword of Mana

Bound Wolf

Hell Hound

Children of Mana

Bound Wolf

Hell Hound

Legend of Mana

Boreal / Petit Gurasoshu (J)