Bestiary - Iffish

Iffish are one of the few aquatic enemies found throughout the Seiken Densetsu series. They are fish which seem to be able to live outside of the water.

Final Fantasy Adventure

Gar Fish

In FFA these fish lived in water and were always paired with Molebears.

Secret of Mana

Iffish / Gar Fish (J)

In SoM Iffish are classified as Fish.
These creatures live around the Water Palace and in Undine’s cave. They generally jump around to attack, they can also use freeze magic.

Dino Fish / Killer Fish (J)

In SoM Dino Fish are classified as Machines.
These enhanced cyborg Iffish live in the Sewers between Northtown and Southtown. They have the ability to shoot missiles.

Legend of Mana

In LoM Iffish are classified as Aquatic.

Iffish / Tropical Fish (J)

In LoM Iffish returned with a new wild look. As opposed to the simple fish look they had in the games before them the Iffish now appeared to resemble a spiny tropical fish. Instead of hopping and swimming around they now hovered above the ground. As a pet their synchro raised your defense against other aquatic creatures. Good Iffish are yellow and evil ones are pink.

Sword of Mana

Gar Fish

Killer Fish

Children of Mana

Gar Fish

Killer Fish

Heroes of Mana

Gar Fish