Bestiary - Insect

The category of Insects in the Seiken Densetsu series encompasses a wide array of enemies ranging from bugs to arachnids and confusingly to Chess Knights and Mimics. These enemies usually have status affecting attacks or are very weak in defense but strong in attacks. They are also usually very fast.


These monsters are flying Insects.

Crawler Family

These enemies are like giant caterpillars.

Chess Knights

For some reason these enemies are classified as Insects.

Mantis Ants

These bosses are the biggest Insects in the game.


For some reason these treasure chest Mimics are insects.

Scorpion Family

Arachnids like these Scorpions are counted as Insects.

Final Fantasy Adventure

Fire Moth

These giant moths live in the Subterannean Cave along with Earth Elements. They can fire deadly goo out at you.


These tick enemies are possibly named after Rust Monsters from Dungeons and Dragons. These bugs hop around the screen to attack.


Taranchulas are found in the Dwarf Caves. They can shoot out poisonous webbing at you.

Megapede / Ahnkeg (J)

The Megapede is found in Watt’s Mine near Wendel. It guards the silver you need to get through Gaia. It winds its way around the battlefield and is not much of a threat.

Secret of Mana

In SoM Spider Legs are classified as insects.

Spider Legs

These giant spiders are found in the Kakara Desert. They live underground in sand traps similar to those of real life Ant Lions. The best way to escape a sand trap is to dash diagonally out of them. They can attack with bites, and if you run from them they will usually hit you with an Earth Slide.

Legend of Mana

In LoM Gloomoths and Hoppin’ Ticks are classified as blank.


These moths live in the White Forest and various other areas. They have many status affecting attacks that revolve around the scales on their wings. They can also fire lasers from their eyes. As a pet they will add confusion to your attacks.

Hoppin’ Tick / Ruster (J)

These bugs are found in various areas such as the Ulkan Mines and in Gato Grottoes. They attack with hops attacks and by sucking blood. As a pet they will increase your luck.