Bestiary - Living Object

This is a broad group of enemies who appear to be normal objects which have through some type of magic come to life.

Chess Knights

These giant Chess pieces also fall into the Living Objects category.

Mimic Boxes

These living treasure chests could also classify as Living Objects.


These animated Swords fall into the Living Object category.

Final Fantasy Adventure

Death Gauntlet

Like the Evil Swords, these gauntlets fly around Dime Tower aimlessly.

Doppel Mirror

Doppel Mirrors are found in the Cave of Ruins where you raise Dime Tower. They are always paired with Den Dens. They attack by shooting reflections of your character out at you.


This is a boss found in the caves North of Jadd. You must use the Morning Star to defeat him, as other weapons cannot harm him. He simply floats around at the top of the screen and slams downward towards you to attack. He is not related to the Machine Golems of the series.

Secret of Mana

In SoM Swords are classified as Machines. Chairs and Books are classified as Plants.

Polter Chair / Magical Chair (J)

Polter Chairs are only found in Elinee’s Castle. They look like ordinary chairs until you touch them, then they will hop at you to attack. They are one of the few enemies to drop Barrels. They are apparently under Elinee’s spell because at the end of the game they can be seen following her around.

Mystic Book / Magic Book (J)

Mystic Books are located in the Ice Palace and use various magic attacks on your characters. Randomly they will flash a picture of a nude girl on a beach at you.

National Scar / Devil Magazine (J)

These book enemies are found in all of the same places as the Doom Swords and they use very dangerous magic spells. Occasionally they will drop Amulet Helms.

Wall Face and Wall Eyes / Room Guarder and Guarder’s Eyes (J)

This boss is guarding in the Pandora Ruins. The central eye is the main enemy and is usually all you need to worry about. The central eye can cast Cure Water and Revivify. The side eyes can shoot various glare attacks at you. If you destroy both of the side eyes the entire wall will slowly push you towards the spikes at the bottom of the screen.

Doom Wall and Doom Eyes / Satan’s Wall and Satan’s Eyes (J)

The Doom Wall is found in the Northtown Ruins. It is similar to the wall before it, but instead of crushing you into spikes after you destroy the side eyes this wall will start using a very strange Earth Slide attack which can put your characters to sleep.

Seiken Densetsu 3


Genova is a giant living fireplace that lives in Rolante Castle. It summons Shape Shifters to fight with it. It likes to boost the attack power of all of its summoned creatures and hit you with Fireballs and Explosions. It can also use Lunatic to decrease your max HP by 20 percent. It has two different leveled trap attacks. The level 1 trap does light damage, and the level 2 trap does physical damage. It can also use its special Melt Wave on your entire party for fire damage.

Legend of Mana

In LoM Cursed Dolls are classified as Poltergeists.


Though not an actual enemy Magnolia is a doll that was brought to life during the age of artifacts when mages brought many objects to life to fight. These objects had a giant war which resulted in the creation of the Junkyard.

Cursed Doll / Magical Doll (J)

Cursed Dolls only feel alive when they fight. They can turn their arms into hammers to hit you as well as enlarge their head to take a bite out of you. As a pet their Synchro increases your defense against Poltergeists.