Bestiary - Mage

The Mages in the Seiken Densetsu series are very similar to the Black Mages of the Final Fantasy series. This is mainly because the Magician and Wizard sprites in FFA came directly from the Final Fantasy series. These enemies rely on magical spells to fight.

Final Fantasy Adventure


These enemies do not appear in groups with other monsters. They teleport around the room and shoot fireballs at you.


Wizards are always grouped with Dark Stalkers and are found in Granz Castle. They are exactly like the Magicians that came before them.


Davias is confronted in his castle in Jadd. He has turned himself into a Mindflayer, a species from Dungeons and Dragons. He has fireballs that circle his body and he can also shoot them at you. You must defeat him so that Lester will play his music.


Julius is the final boss in FFA. He fights in three forms. His first form is his normal human form, but split into three. In his second form he becomes a great monster which flys at the top of the Checkerboard of Doom known as Limbo while shooting lightning and coming down to kick you. After you defeat this form you think you have won, but he turns into his third form. In this form he teleports around the Mana Tree and shoots fireballs at you with his hands. When he is finally defeated the Mana Tree is destroyed.

Seiken Densetsu 3

In SD3 Mages are classified as Dragons.


Magicians are the main source of power for Altena. They are found attacking Forcena. These blue robed enemies fight with a staff and by casting all of the level one spells besides Holy Ball. They are very similar to Angela’s Magician class.


Wizards are just stronger Magicians which are found in the Subzero Snowfields, Altena Castle and in a snowfield scene in the Mirage Palace. They are also similar to Angela’s Magician class.

High Wizard

The High Wizards only differ from the Magicians and Wizards before them because they are more powerful and can multitarget with spells. They are found in The Dragons Hole. These enemies are still similar to Angela’s Magician class.

Heath – The Fallen Cleric

Heath falls under the mind control of the Masked Mage and confronts you in the Mirage Palace. He uses all of the special summon attacks, usually right in a row together, so he is very powerful. He also uses Heal Light, Holy Ball and Saint Beam and will sometimes use Black Curse. After you defeat him he snaps to and tells you he is sorry.

Koren – The Wizard of Red Lotus

Koren is finally confronted in the Glass Desert. He attacks with almost all of the level one and two magic spells and he can also use Ancient. He has a barrier on him which will only allows him to be harmed by the magic he is currently using. After you defeat him he kills himself.