Bestiary - Mantis Ant

The Mantis Ant is a strange hybrid between a Mantis and an Ant. Though it was once one of the end-game enemies in FFA it usually appears as a very early boss.

Final Fantasy Adventure

Mantis Ant

The Mantis Ant guards the Cave of Ruins where you raise the Dime Tower. He is in a room surrounded with spikes and will walk around the room occasionally lunging across at you.

Secret of Mana

Mantis Ant

In SoM the Mantis Ant classified as an Insect. This is the first boss faced. The Mantis Ant was tunneling under Potos village in order to get the Mana Sword. It attacks by jumping around the room as well as throwing its claws out at you which will put you to sleep. It can use Gem Missile as well as Poison Breath. If you die during this fight Jema will revive you.

Metal Mantis

In SoM the Metal Mantis is classified as a Machine. It has the same attacks as the Mantis Ant but has replaced Acid Breath with a laser. It can also cast Lunar Boost on itself. You are forced to fight the Metal Mantis in the Emperor’s Castle after the guards help you “escape” into its lair.

Legend of Mana

Mantis Ant

In LoM the Mantis Ant has become a highwayman on the Luon Highway and has Chobin Hoods working under him as Bandits. When you and Niccolo will not give enough money to his Bandits he will become angry and attack you. He flies in when the battle starts, but remains on the ground the rest of the battle. He attacks with a Shockwave and a Power Stab technique.

Hegs Ant

The Hegs Ant is a lighter version of the Mantis Ant. It is found in the White Forest where it is trying to attack the Lillipea village. One of its special attacks involves it summoning 10,000 Stinger Bugs to swarm you. It can also summon a Power Globe of energy out in front of it.