Bestiary - Molebear

Molebear is an enemy name which has been given to two different enemies in the Seiken Densetsu series. They are essentially different families, but they are located on the same bestiary page due to their similarities and the fact that the name “Molebear” has been interchanged through them. Both families consist of small mammals which dig. Molebears are of course moles, and Pebblers are usually blue porcupines. The blue color and red shoes could be a reference to Sonic the Hedgehog. The JewelEater from SD3 is somewhat similar to Pebblers.

Final Fantasy Adventure


The striped pants wearing Molebears are paired with Gall Fish and are found around West Lake. They would not appear again in the Seiken Densetsu series until Legend of Mana.


Porcupines are found around West Lake. These creatures would become pebblers in later games. They can shoot spikes out at you.

Secret of Mana

Pebbler / Molebear (J)

In SoM Pebblers are classified as Animals.
Pebblers are burrowing porcupines which live in the caves near Matango. Kimono Birds will summon them to fight. They can spin and jump at you to attack as well as spin and shoot dirt clods at you. Three Pebblers ventured out of their cave and attacked the Moogle Village, causing the Moogles to have to live in the Winter area in the forest. They are very skilled at defending themselves and dodging attacks.

Needlion / Needle Lion (J)

In SoM Needlions are classified as Plants.
The name of this beast is a portmanteu of the “Needle” and “Dandylion”. Unlike their blue cousins, these silver porcupines are part plant. They are found in the Pure Land where Eggplant Men summon them, and sometimes Shape Shifters will summon them. Like Pebblers they have very high defense and are good at dodging attacks.

Seiken Densetsu 3


In SD3 Molebears are classified as Animals.
The home of Molebears ranges from the Molebear Highlands to the Dwarve’s Cave to the Volcano Island Bucca. Their main attack is hopping and striking with their claws, but they also have a rolling attack which can strike multiple characters. Their claws have the ability to add Stone Sabre to your weapons.

Needle Lion

In SD3 Needlions are classified as Plants.
These plant cousins of the Pebblers live in the Gemstone Valley Dorian. They have a much stronger multi-roll attack and can shoot thousands of needles out in all directions. Their eyes have the ability to slow down enemies.

Legend of Mana

In LoM Molebears are classified as Beasts.


The same Molebear from FFA reappeared in LoM, right down to their striped pants. They are found in caves and like to dig into the ground to hide from battle. When they do fight they make use of their huge claws. As a pet they will protect you from being blinded.

Sword of Mana


Needle Lion

Children of Mana


Needle Lion

Heroes of Mana


Dawn of Mana

Ice Molecat / Snow Panthermole (J)

Fire Molecat / Fire Panthermole (J)