Bestiary - Needle Beak

These birds are somewhat related to the Cocatrices of legends. They have large needle like beaks that can deliver a petrifying peck. They are very round and have large eyes. As children they usually reside inside of their egg until they mature.

Secret of Mana

In SoM Eggatrices are classified as Birds.

Eggatrice / Cocatrice(J)

These enemies have barely hatched out of their shells and they are already prepared to fight. Eggatrices live in the Mandala area and can also be found in the Underground City and Manafortress where Basilisks lay them. They attack by pecking with their strange beak and can sometimes petrify you.

Seiken Densetsu 3

In SD3 Needle Birds are classified as blank.

Needle Bird

These pink birds live around the Rolante area. They attack with dashes and pecks. Their Yellow Wind technique will lower your defense. Their scales can be used to increase your speed.


Cocatrices are the SD3 version of Eggatrices. They live on Bucca Island, the Desert of Scorching Heat, the Gemstone Valley and the Glass Desert. They have a Petribeak attack which can petrify you. If they take enough damage they will transform into a Cocabird.

Coca Bird

Coca Birds are the grown up versions of Cocatrices. They are found wherever a Cocatrice has a chance to grow up. They have the Yellow Wind attack their Needle Bird cousins are found and they also have a Petrifeather Flutter attack which can petrify a character.

Legend of Mana

In LoM Needle Beaks are classified as Aerial.

Needle Beak / Needle Bird (J)

Needlebeaks are found in varying areas around the world such as the Luon Highway and the areas around Gato Grottoes. They attack with feather shots and pecks. As a pet they increase your defense against Aerial monsters.

Sword of Mana

Needle Beak / Needle Bird (J)

Prickle Beak / Cocato Bird (J)

Children of Mana

Needle Beak / Needle Bird (J)

Prickle Beak / Cocato Bird (J)

Dawn of Mana

Needle Beak / Needle Bird (J)

Grim Needle Beak / Thanatos Bird (J)

Heroes of Mana

Needle Beak / Needle Bird (J)