Bestiary - Odd Ball

Oddballs are any Seiken Densetsu enemy that does not easily fall into another category. Xorn are creatures which the Seiken Densetsu series borrowed and modified from Dungeons and Dragons. In DnD the Xorn are large green beasts with three arms and three legs, but in the Seiken Densetsu series they only have two arms and are much more orb shaped.

Final Fantasy Adventure

Barnacle Jack

Barnacle Jacks are strange springy enemies that live in the mountain areas after Jadd and are paired with Ogres. They jump randomly around the screen.

Den Den

These large snails are paired with Doppel Mirrors in the Dime Tower. They slide around as a means of attack.

Gas Cloud

Gas Clouds float around the Wendel area and are hard to hit with most weapons.

Mega Xorn

Mega Xorn live in the Desert of Crystals near the town of Ish. They do little more than walk around and bite you if you get too close.


These Marsh Cave enemies get their name from a tentacled monster from Dungeons and Dragons. They have a high chance of poisoning you.


These strange enemies appear in Dime Tower. They wander around the room and can only be harmed with the Morning Star or Silver Sword.

Secret of Mana

In SoM LA Funks and Dark Funks are classified as Spirits.

High Stepper / Barnacle Jack (J)

This enemy from FFA would return as a good guy. One is found outside of Potos on the way to Pandora, and there are two inside the Emperor’s Castle. One can also be found in the Underground City.

LA Funk / Gas Cloud (J)

LA Funks live in the Ice Country. They spit out freezing breath and can also cast Freeze on you. They can only be attacked with magic. Their name references pollution in Los Angeles.

Dark Funk / Dark Smog (J)

These enemies make a shortlived appearance in the Fire Palace. They can spit fire balls and cast various Fire spells on you. Like LA Funks they can only be hurt with magic.

Aegagropilon / Mega Xorn (J)

The Aegagropilon is classified as a Plant. Through the power he gained through a contract with the underworld, Sheex transformed himself into this terrifying, or very confusing, creature. A large green tigerstriped orb with giant gnashing teeth makes the body of the beast, and it has arms hanging off of it which can be tucked away and hidden in some unknown way. The Aegagropilon generally attacks by gnashing its teeth or rolling around the room speedily to strike you. It casts Wall, Sleep Flower and Burst. The name “Aegagropilon” comes from an old name for a type of ball Moss. It is very important and should be noted that Genome on the forums loves Aegagropilon with all his heart.

Seiken Densetsu 3

Barnacle Jack

These former enemies returned once again as helpful creatures in SD3. They are in various areas where you can use them to jump high into the air and see where you are. At the beginning of Carlie’s story one of them plays a semi-important role.

Legend of Mana

In LoM Spiny Cones are classified as an Oddity. Den Dens are classified as Morphs.

Den Den

The snail creatures from FFA return in LoM with wings. They live in seemingly random areas ranging from Luon Highway to Lake Kilma to Madora Beach. They attack with soundwaves from their trumpet like shell. As a pet they will increase the damage you do to Aerial monsters.

Spiny Cone / Wonder (J)

The cones in LoM are found in most outside settings in the game. They attack by shooting thorns out at you and by shooting out poison gas. It’s Synchro attack raises your defense against Oddities.

Spring Ball / Barnacle Jack (J)

Springballs are very rare enemies in Legend of Mana. The most notable one is found right outside of the Dudbear digging camp in the Ulkan Mines. They attack by springing towards you. They make very powerful pets as their Synchro attack makes you invincible.