Bestiary - Pakkun

Pakkun Lizards are a strange species of monsters found in the Seiken Densetsu series. These creatures start their life as monsters similar to tadpoles and then develops into a lizard. The name “Pakkun” is usually written in Hiragana as opposed to the Katakana other enemy names are written in. In SwoM and CoM the Pakkun families appeared but the Tonpoles do not mature into the Lizards. The healing Pakkun chocolate in the series is named for these monsters.

Final Fantasy Adventure

Pakkun Lizard

Pakkun Lizards run around with Mummies. Their only attack is randomly running into you, but a sprite of a full Pakkun Lizard exists in the game suggesting that they were supposed to have a swallowing attack.

Secret of Mana

In SoM Pakkuns are classified as Reptiles.

Tonpole / Pakkun Tadpole (J)

The first Tonpole is found guarding Undine’s Cave near the Water Palace. Later three more are encountered in the Ice Palace. These monsters are always found encased in an egg with a heart on it. They attack by randomly hopping around. When they take enough damage they will transform into a Biting Lizard.

Biting Lizard / Pakkun Lizard (J)

Wherever a Tonpole is found there will soon be a Biting Lizard. These monsters walk around and spit their tounge out to eat your characters. When a character is in their stomach the lizard will be too full to move and it will soon be forced to spit them out. They can cast Cure Water on themselves.

Snap Dragon / Pakkun Dragon (J)

The Snap Dragon has no Tonpole associated with it. It acts the same as a Biting Lizard but is much stronger and has more MP.

Seiken Densetsu 3

In SD3 Pakkuns are classified as a Reptiles.

Pakkun Tadpole

These little pink tadpoles are found in the Sea Side Cave. They attack by pouncing on you, and when they take enough damage they will mature into a Pakkun Lizard. You can kill them before they have a chance to Mature.

Pakkun Lizard

Pakkun Lizards are the mature version of Pakkun Tadpoles. They attack by lashing their tail and by swallowing your character with their “Gulp, Gulp!” attack. The swallowing attack does no damage to the character swallowed. Pakkun Chocolate is named after these enemies.

Pakkuri Tadpole

These blue Tadpoles are found in the Ancient Temple of Light as well as in the Ruins scene in the Mirage Palace. They are exactly like Pakkun Tadpoles but they pounce twice and mature into Pakkun Dragons.

Pakkun Dragon

Pakkun Dragons are the mature version of Pakkuri Lizards. They are just stronger green versions of Pakkun Lizards. They can use Pakkun Oil on themselves, but it doesn’t do what it is supposed to do. It slightly raises their Defense when they use it, but if you use the item your Magic Defense will be raised.

Legend of Mana

In LoM Pakkuns are classified as Reptiles.

Tonpole / Pakkun Tadpole (J)

The Tonpoles in LoM do not mature into their adult forms. Instead they are a monster of their own described as “A cute little tadpole trying its best to be a good monster”. As a pet they will raise your defense against Reptiles.

Lizardon / Pakkun Lizard (J)

These Lizards fight with their tounges and tail. They apparently swallow enemies whether they are hungry or not. As a pet they will drop Pak’n Chocolate for you.