Bestiary - Plant

These leafy enemies usually reside in jungle areas or grasslands. Plant enemies are usually adept at using the powers of paralysis, sleep effects or poison. Recently Marlboros, Shrieknips and Woodings have returned in SwoM and CoM.


This strange boss is classified as a Plant.


These are the most common plant enemies in the series.

Myconid Family

Though these are not technically plants they are always grouped with them.


These Pebbler cousins are actually plants.

Pumpkin Bombs

These are the most common bird enemies in the series.

Tropicallo Family

These are the most common bird enemies in the series.

Final Fantasy Adventure


These radish like monsters are found at the lake outside of Jadd. They attack with piercing screams that take the form of projectiles. Their name is from an actual plant that has legends about being able to petrify a man with its scream if it was taken out of the ground.

Legend of Mana

Malboro / Malborobooro (J)

These enemies come straight from the Final Fantasy series. They can be found in the Jungle and other places. They attack by punching and spewing bad breath everywhere. As a pet their Synchro will add paralysis effects to your attacks.

Shrieknip / Mandrake (J)

The Mandrakes from FFA returned in LoM with a new look. They can be found in various areas such as the Luon Highway, the Jungle and the White Forest. It attacks with shrieks and by shooting leaves or seeds at you. It can cause many different status effects. As a pet they will increase your defense against soundwaves.

Wooding / Wood Max (J)

Woodings are very rare enemies found in Gato Grottoes and in the White Forest. They attack with heavy punches or by throwing seeds. They drop the very rare Dior Wood. As a pet it will increase your attacks against Beast enemies.


This giant vine boss is found in the Duma Desert. You must help a Sahagin named Tikkle defeat it. During the fight Kima doesn’t really move, but it has a lot of short range techniques to protect itself. It can use Big Bite and chew up anyone near it and regain health. With Boulder Drop Kima can shoot many boulders onto the field. With its Exploding Pumpkins attacks Kima goes underground and pops back up with tons of Pumpkin Bombs. With its Surprise Attack techinque it will go underground and randomly pop up twice into the field.