Bestiary - Poto

Poto are strange lizard-like enemies in the Seiken Densetsu series. They have a skull shaped like that of a pterodactyl and have a long tounge which is their primary weapon. They are usually offwhite in color.

Final Fantasy Adventure


In FFA Poto randomly jump around the room as a means of attacking. If they hit you there is a chance you will become Moogled.

Seiken Densetsu 3

In SD3 Potos are classified as Fish.


Considered to be Fish in this game, these guys can be found in snowy areas or in watery caves. These Potos can use healing magic as well as summon Mama Potos to fight with them if they are alone. Poto oil can cure your party’s HP.

Mama Poto

Mama Potos appear in areas associated with the light and water Godbeasts. They can unleash a saintly beam attack as well as summon Papa Potos to fight with them. Mama Poto oil will recover status effects. Their oil casts Tinkle Rain on your party.

Papa Poto

Following in the other Potos’ footsteps Papap Potos have the ability to summon Mama Potos to fight with them. They will use nearly any sabre attack excluding dark, moon and tree. Their “Father’s Fist” ability summons a giant stone fist to drop on its opponents. The fist’s magic alignment always corresponds with the sabre on the Papa Poto. They are found along with Mama Potos. Papa Poto Claws give a character Light Sabre.

Legend of Mana

In LoM Potos are classified as Oddballs.


In LoM Potos are found almost exclusively in caves. The game describes them as really sleepy-looking monsters which attack with their tounges. As a pet their synchro increases your effectiveness against Dragons.