Bestiary - Rabite

Rabites are the mascots of the Seiken Densetsu series. Through out all of the games they are portrayed as small round creatures with big rabbit ears and a rabbit tail. They posess mouths which can stretch well beyond the Rabite’s size. Rabites hop around as a means of locomotion. Rabites have appeared in every Seiken Densetsu game to date and in much of the merchandise for the series.

Final Fantasy Adventure


Rabites are one of the first enemies encountered in FFA. They are always paired with Chibi Devils. Rabites attack by randomly jumping very high around the screen. They drop candy, a trend which would continue into the future Seiken Densetsu games. They are only found around Topple and once in Wendel when Julius attacks the city.

Secret of Mana

In SoM Rabites are classified as Animals.


Rabites are the first enemy encountered in SoM. The character Randi appears very surprised to see such a “monster” near his village, so apparently they are actually dangerous. Despite this they never pose much of a threat. They attack with a ramming jump into the character, and are now able to bite as their name would imply. They also have a spin jump attack. Rabites drop candy or money and are notable for showing up in strange places. Enemies like Shape Shifters and Eggplantmen have been known to summon them in the Mana Fortress and the Pure Land. Except for these two places they are only found around the Potos, Pandora and Gaia’s Navel area. If they take too much damage they will run from you. The Sprite can wear a hat shaped like them early in the game.

Silktail / Rabilion (J)

Silktails are an improved version of the Rabite. They are found in the Great Woods and can use Sleep Flower on you as well as heal themselves or other montsters. Silktails drop a helmet which is named for them.

Seiken Densetsu 3

In SD3 Rabites are classified as Animals.


Rabites returned in Sd3 with some new more detailed sprites which included four directions instead of two. They again were some of the earliest enemies encountered, and this time had an entire forest named after them. In this game it was revealed that Rabites are diurnal, that is, they sleep at night and are active in the day. They continued their jumping and biting attacks in this form.


Like the Silktails these versions of Rabites have the ability to heal themselves and others. Rabilions are much more aggressive than normal Rabites as they have a new spin jump attack and also will chase you well after dark. They can summon an equal level Rabite to fight alongside them.

King Rabite

These white Rabites live in the Mana Holy Land and are much more formidable foes than the Rabites before them. They posess the ability to summon both Rabites and Rabilions, and also have a magic attack called Rabite Rainstorm which can summon many tiny Rabites to attack you.

Great Rabite

These green Rabites live in the Jungle of Illusion. They have lost the spinning ability of those before them, but have much more potent bites. They have a magic spell called Huge Huge which shoots a projectile at one character.

Black Rabite

This very rare Rabite is the only Rabite so far to hold the title of a boss bad guy. This secret boss can use any magic from the game and also has the ability to summon level 99 Great Demons. The Rabite usually jumps around and attacks, not looking very menacing, but as soon as a spell is cast his true powers are shown. Magic is a tough choice against this Rabite as he posesses many counter magic abilities such as reflecting spells or unleashing his own. Victory against this little guy will earn you a Moogle Badge. This enemy can only be found if you are playing with Angela or Duran as the main character. He is found deep in the Dragon Hole only after you defeat Koren. From the room which you fought the DarkShrine Knight. From this room head North, East, East, the North exit on the Left and then continue on as there is only one exit per room after this.

Legend of Mana

In LoM Rabites are classified as Beasts.


In LoM the normal enemy Rabites are a light lilac or white color, with the pet Rabites being Yellow. They still hold their normal attacks from the other game but now have a new star gaze attack which can drop your attack guage to zero. They are found in many different places such as Luon Highway, the White Forest and Fieg Snowfield. As a pet the Rabite’s syncro heals your HP.