Bestiary - Reptile

The Reptile group in the Seiken Densetsu series usually consists of speedy enemies with strong attacks.

Pakkun Family

These monsters are similar to both amphibians and Reptiles.

Poto Family

Though they are never classifed as Reptiles, Potos are very similar to them.

Jabberwocky and Hydra

These two SoM bosses are technically Reptiles.

Final Fantasy Adventure

Lizard Men

Lizard Men live near Kett’s Inn and are only found in one tiny area. They guard the key to the Marsh Caves.


Saurus live in the Jadd Desert. If you kill them you can find their fangs. A guy in Jadd will give you details on how to get into Medusa Cave in exchange for the fangs.

Tortoise Knight

Tortoise Knights live in Float Rocks. All they do is walk around.

Kary / Malyrith (J)

Kary is found in the Ice Cave. You must defeat Kary because it is threatening the city of Lorimar. Kary is similar to a four armed Lamia Naga creature. It attacks by shooting ice at you and by whipping you with its tail.


Medusa lives in a cave in the Jadd Desert. You must fight her to get her tears so that Amanda’s brother Lester can be healed. During the fight she angrily stomps around the room and shoots snakes at you.

Secret of Mana

Shellblast / Tortoise Knight (J)

Shellblasts are found in the Ice Palace and right outside it. They like to cast Ice Sabre on themselves. They will occasionally turn into a car and drive at you for damage.

Turtlance / Turtle Knight (J)

These turtles are found in the Mana Fortress. They attack with their lance, or they will turn their arms and legs into tires and drive at you to do damage.

Great Viper / Great Boa (J)

The Great Viper is the boss in the caves behind Matango. It killed the parents of Flammie. During the fight it will pop in and around the field and try to swallow you. Contact with its body will hurt you and might pygmize you.

Dragon Wurm

The Dragon Wurm lives in the Pure Land and is classified as a Dragon, however it greatly resembles a snake so it is here with Reptiles. It uses Rock Slide and various glares on you through the battle and will also swallow you if you get too close.

Hexas / Malyrith (J)

Fanha, who helped Thanatos betray the Emperor, turns into this monster when you confront her in the Great Palace. She uses various glares on you and her tail will pygmy you if it hits you.

Legend of Mana

Rattler Boa

Rattler Boas are mainly found in the Duma Desert. These snakes carry a baby rattle in their tail. They attack with bites or by wrapping you up and squeezing you, this attack can happen many times in a row and is very dangerous. As a pet it adds poison to your attacks.

Tyrannos – Giga Rex

Tyrannos are very rare enemies. They attack with bites and scratches. A Giga Rex, a stonger version of Tyrannos, appears as a boss in the Luon Highway caves. As a pet they will increase your damage to Arthropods.