Bestiary - Scorpion

Scorpions in the Seiken Densetsu series are always found in sandy areas such as Deserts. They usually have four legs and only sometimes have pinchers. They always have the token Scorpion hooked tail which they can attack with either directly or by sticking it in the ground and having it pop up under you.

Final Fantasy Adventure

Death Scorpion

These Scorpions live in the Jadd Desert and are paired with Basilisks. If their stinger hits you there is a chance you will be poisoned.

Secret of Mana

Sand Stinger / Death Scorpion (J)

In SoM Sand Stingers are classified as Insects. They are found in the Kakara Desert and right outside the Fire Palace. If their stinger hits you there is a chance you will be poisoned.

Steelpion / Metal Scorpio (J)

In SoM Steelpions are classified as a Machines. These Mechanical Sand Stingers live in the sandy parts of the Underground City. They attack with their stinger and can also breathe flames.

Legend of Mana

In LoM Sand Scorpions are classified as Arthropods.

Sand Scorpion / Death Scorpio (J)

Sand Scorpions are very rare and are only found in the deepest parts of the Duma Desert. They attack with their pinchers and stinger. They drop a rare suit of armor named the Hero’s Mail. As a pet they increase your attack against plants.