Bestiary - Slime

Slimes in the Seiken Densetsu series come in many different colors. That’s right, just colors, the shape is generally the same. Usually they are aligned to a certain element or have poisonous attacks. Many of them are known to multiply by splitting.

Final Fantasy Adventure

Green Slime

Though being a monochrome game, the slimes in FFA are named “Green Slime”. They always find themselves paired with Skeletons and are found everywhere. They are a reliable source of Mattocks. They jump around the room randomly to attack and can only be harmed by magic or with a Silver Sword.

Mud Man

The Mud Men in FFA are only found near the beginning of the game near and inside Marsh Cave. They can melt into the ground and become invisible as well as poison your character.

Secret of Mana

In SoM Slimes are classified as Morphs. Sometimes when the Drops in Secret of Mana try to spawn too many of themselves they will end up killing themselves instead.

Green Drop / Green Slime (J)

Green Drops live in the caves inside Gaia’s Navel and can poison you.

Red Drop / Red Mashumaro (J?)

Red Drops have the ability to engulf you in flames. They are found in the Fire Palace.

Blue Drop / Blue Babaroa (J?)

Blue Drops can freeze you. They make their home inside the sewers between North and South Town.

Shape Shifter

Shape Shifters share a name with a Shadow Zero in SD3. Instead of shifting shapes into an enemy they will summon enemies to fight for them. They generally summon Beast Zombies, but will sometimes summon other powerful monsters such as Needlions or Eggplant Men.

Ember Man / Tar Man (J)

Like the Drops, Embermen can summon more of themselves to fight. They live in the Palace of Darkness as well as a few other places. They clap with their large hands to attack and can cast blaze on you.

Tsunami / Hell Water (J)

Tsunamis live inside the Mana Fortress, and like the other slimes before them they will split into more if one is killed. They use clapping to fight, as well as casting Acid Rain and HP Absorb. Tsunamis drop the last spear orb.

Lime Slime

The Lime Slime is a minion of Shade protecting the Palace of Darkness. It is similar to a giant ameoba and has nuclei floating around in the middle which can be damaged. As the fight goes on it shrinks. All it really does is sit and use Dark Force on you. Occasionally it will spit its nuclei at your characters and cause a status effect. When you beat it you get a Javelin orb and Shade’s magic.

Dread Slime

The Dread Slime is found in the Mana Fortress and is the third to last boss. As he takes damage he grows larger and larger to the point that you cannot move. It generally attacks with Acid Rain, but once you cast a spell on it it will begin to cast spells of the same element you did, except for Luna and Shade. It has the same nuclei attack that the Lime Slime does.

Seiken Densetsu 3

In SD3 Slimes are classified as Morphs.


These green slimes live in the Dwarf Tunnel and on the Ghost Ship. They have a mucus spitting attack and can split apart. They have a very high chance to poison you. Slime eyes will reduce the power of an enemy.

Slime Prince

These red slimes are not linked to fire like in SoM, instead they are just better at poisoning. They have the mucus attack of the lowly Slimes and can also spit a poison bubble. They also have a tech that cuts your HP in half. They live in the Gemstone Valley.

Legend of Mana

In LoM Slimes and Goo are classified as Morphs.


Slimes in LoM come in red if they are bad, and green if they are your pet. They live in caves and have a variety of slime slinging abilities. As a pet their Syncro effect protects you from becoming paralyzed.

Moldy Goo / Rust Mold (J)

Moldy Goo is a giant gooey pile of assorted junk that somehow lives. It is described in the game as “a big lump of mold with dead soldiers’ weapons stuck to it.” They mainly roam the Junkyard, and little more is known about them. Some say there is a legendary weapon hidden in all of that mess…. As a pet their Syncro effect gives you a boost in power.