Bestiary - Tiger

The Tigers in SoM are very large and covered with spikes. They have the ability to spin in a ball and shoot around the room like a pinball as well as leap very high in the air. The Jackal is the first enemy and the first boss to appear in FFA and is also the first boss for the hero in SwoM. Despite being named Jackal the beast is more like a giant tiger.

Final Fantasy Adventure


The Jackal appeared as the first two bosses in Final Fantasy Adventure, each time he was faced it was the same fight over again. The Jackal moves in a zig zag pattern around the screen and never attacks. It is very easy to make it out of the fight without taking any damage.

Secret of Mana

The Tigers in SoM are classified as Animals.

Spikey Tiger / Tiger Chimera (J)

The Spikey Tiger is Elinee the Witch’s pet and is notorious for being one of the hardest enemies in SoM. After you confront her in her castle she will sic the beast on you. The beast mainly sits in the center of the room where it will maul a character if they come too close. When it isn’t mauling you it will cast Firebreath or Flame Bouquet. It will often spin around the room knocking whoever it touches unconcious. After it is done in the center of the room it will leap to either of two towers on the side of the area and blast you with magic. It can only be hit with ranged weapons when it is on a tower.

Blue Spike / Bio Chimera (J)

Found in the Light Palace on Gold Island, the Blue Spike is almost exactly the same as the Spikey Tiger except it uses Fireball instead of Firebreath. After enough damage is done to the Blue Spike its head will fall off and it will look as though he has been defeated. A new head grows in place of the other though and the battle continues. Once the second head is defeated the fight is over.

Sword of Mana


In SwoM the Jackal returned with a brand new look. No longer was he a little cat thing standing on its back feet, now he was a wild animal which had to be chained down. The Jackal had new found powers in Sword of Mana such as turning left or right and actually attacking with his claws. The Jackal is only faced with the Hero, and despite its awesome new look it still doesn’t give much of a challenge.

Heroes of Mana

Panther Chimera