Bestiary - Tomato Men

Tomato Men are evil priests found throughout the Seiken Densetsu series which look like tribal tomato people. They wear grass skirts and have a surprised look on their face most of the time. They ride around in a magical flying pot.

Secret of Mana

In SoM Tomato Men are classified as Dragons.

Tomato Man / Dark Priest (J)

Tomato Men live in the Pandora Ruins. They will summon Zombies to fight for them, and will cast Defender on the enemies around them. They will also use fireball on you. If there are three enemies in the area and they try to summon another one they will fail and get confused for a second.

Eggplant Man / Evil Shaman (J)

These purple guys are found in the Pure land and wherever Shape Shifters will summon them. They summon Needlion to fight for them, and like their cousins they will cast Defender on them. They drop the very rare Watcher Ring. Eggplant Men will sometimes summon a Rabite, whenever this occurs they will become confused for a second.

Seiken Densetsu 3

In SD3 Dark Priests are classified as a Dragons.

Dark Priest

Dark Priests can be found on the Volcano Island Bucca, the Valley of Flames, the Scorching Desert and in the Mirage Palace in a fire scene. They have a town on Bucca Island where they are actually friendly to your characters, the town, however, was probably destroyed by the volcano. As enemies they are similar to Carlie’s Enchantress class. They can use the same Unicorn Heads and Machine Golem summon attacks which Carlie has. They often will sit back and heal the enemies around them rather than fight.

Evil Shaman

These Eggplant Men correspond to Carlie’s Evil Shaman class. They are found in the Jungle of Illusion as well as the Dark Castle. They use Heal Light,Tinkle Rain and Antimagic to aid the enemies fighting with them. If they are in serious danger they will heal themselves multiple times. If they are alone in battle they will sometimes summon Chibi Devils, Gremlins or Great Demons. An interesting fact is that they can multi-target Tinkle Rain, where as an Evil Shaman Carlie cannot.


Necromancers are similar to Carlie’s Necromancer class. They are only found in the Mirage Palace. Necromancers can summon Zombies, Ghouls and Ghosts. They have the same spells as Evil Shamans, but instead of using Antimagic they will use Black Curse to lower your stats. It is interesting to note that Necromancers cannot multi-target Tinkle Rain, but Carlie as a Necromancer can.

Legend of Mana

In LoM Tomato Men are classified as Demi-Human.

Tomato Man / Dark Priest (J)

Tomato Men are found throughout the deserts and jungle areas of LoM. They use something similar to a bubble wand to blow fire and will ram you with their pot. They also have the ability to jump on your head and disable you while they deal damage. A pet Tomato Man named Mambo can be found in the Norn Peaks if the Salamando Level is at three. As a partner he will add flameburst to your weapons.