Bestiary - Tropicallo

Tropicallo is the name given to a few Plant enemies in the Seiken Densetsu series. They have only appeared as bosses in SoM and LoM and both were very different from one another. The Gildervine in SD3 is somewhat similar to the basic idea behind Tropicallos. In SD3 the Godbeast Mispolm has two Tropicallo headed vines to help it fight, and in Sword of Mana a plant boss called Poisonous Vine appears riding the Full Metal Haggar which could be considered to be a Tropicallo.

Secret of Mana

In SoM Tropicallos are classified as Plants.

Brambler / Blood Roper (J)

The Brambler is a small vine which appears with both Tropicallo and Boreal Face. There is one when you fight Tropicallo and two when you fight Boreal Face. The vine does little more than grow towards you to a certain length, and then it will pull back in on itself. If it hits you with the tip of its vine you will take damage and may be poisoned. No matter how many times you kill Bramblers another will grow back.

Tropicallo / Bud (J)

Tropicallo attacks the Dwarves’ village after you discover the Sprite and the Dwarf leader cheated you. Tropicallo is a wild mix of a living creature with a pineapple and other plants. It can burrow into the ground after taking damage, and will spit Pumpkin Bombs which will bounce around the room until they hit you.

Boreal Face / Ochre Face (J)

Boreal Face is a lighter colored Tropicallo which is found in the Ice Country before you arrive at The Scorpion Army’s paradise town. Unlike Tropicallo, Boreal Face has spells and can cure itself as well as cast sleep flower or burst.

Seiken Densetsu 3

In SoM Gildervine is a plant.


Gildervine is found in the Lampflower Forest. The battle with Gildervine starts out with you fighting a big plant which can summon enemies such as Assassin Bugs and Mega Crawlers to defend it. After enough damage is done the plant will open up to reveal a giant toothy head from inside it. Gildervine can use magic to poison you, put you to sleep or counter your magic. Its special attacks include hitting the party with spiny kelp, shooting poisonous pollen at someone and a “Hammer Gean” attack which will lower your magic effectiveness.

Legend of Mana

In LoM Tropicallos are classified as Plants.


LaBanne consists of two vines with flowers on them and a middle plant patch attached to the roof in the Ulkan Mines. The left flower swings around and tries to hit you while the right one will cast magic. If you attack a head they will fall off onto the ground. When the left one is detached it will crawl around trying to scratch you or hit you with sleep spray. The right one will charge up and self-destruct. When one of the flowers is destroyed the main body will regenerate it and lose health.

Tropicallo / Killer Bud (J)

Tropicallo is found on Madora Beach protecting the Bird Cage where Elle is trapped. It is the same as LaBanne, but its right flower will kill you instantly on self-destructing.