Bestiary - Vampire

In the Seiken Densetsu series Vampires are usually large, undead, beastly humanoid bats. Vampires usually have blue fur and large capes, instead of flying with wings they simply hover.

Succubus Family

Succubi are female Vampires in the Seiken Densetsu series. They are different than normal Vampires.

Final Fantasy Adventure


This Vampire is actually Mr. Lee who runs the inn Kett’s Place (Vinquette Hall in Japanese). While the Hero and the Heroine slept at night he stole the Heroine in order to drink her blood. Later she is found to be kept in a Casket in a dungeon underneath the Inn. The Vampire attacks by flying around as well as by shooting small Bats out at you.

Secret of Mana

In SoM Vampires are classified as Undead.


The Vampire is a minion of Thanatos and is found in the Northtown Ruins. Because Dyluck will not kill Purim Thanatos teleports her into the Vampire’s room to be killed. During the fight the Vampire will fly around overhead with his cape closed and it is not until he opens the cape that weapons will hurt him. The Vampire uses HP Absorb and Freeze. His physical attacks include jumping on you, slashing with claws and picking you up and biting you.

Buffy / Vampire Lord (J)

Buffy is the third to last boss in the game. This brown vampire fights exactly like the Vampire before it, but it can use Dispel Magic on you. Its name comes from a T.V. show called “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”.

Seiken Densetsu 3

Jagan – The Earl of the Evil Eye

In Hawk and Riesz’ storyline they are trying to stop Jagan the Vampire from ressurecting the Dark Prince. When they finally face off with Jagan he fights with a Bloody Wolf and a Carmilla Queen. He uses Dark Force as well as the incredibly deadly Death Spell. Jagan can toss your party around the room with his Psycho Wave attack and he will summon Specters to swarm you with his Ghost Road attack.

Sword of Mana


Mr. Lee returns as a Vampire in Vinquette Hall. His Bat summoning attack is back, but now there are hundereds more summoned. In SwoM Lee stole the Heroine and tried to seal her in a casket because he was trying to protect the women of the Mana Tribe from trouble.