Bestiary - Werewolf

Only the butlers in FFA and SwoM and the people of the Beast Kingdom in SD3 are revealed to be able to transform between human and werewolf. Kevin, a main character in SD3 is a Werewolf. The Werewolves in the series look like a bipedal Wolf wearing shoes and a colored garb. They also have hair which can be different colored than their fur. They fight with punches, kicks and Moon based skills.

Final Fantasy Adventure


The first Werewolf in FFA is found in Kett’s Place working as a butler for Mr. Lee. The Moon’s Mirror must be shown to the butler so he will reveal his true form, a Werewolf. Werewolves generally attack by jumping around the screen. There are many places in the game where four Werewolves will be found standing together in a line on one side of the screen.

Secret of Mana

In SoM Werewolves are classified as Animals.


If you do not have Purim in your party when you head to Elinee’s Castle you will find her being attacked by two Werewolves in the Haunted Forest. If you do have her the first place you will find them is inside Elinee’s Castle. Werewolves attack with spinning kicks and punches. They can cast Cure Water as well as Lunar Boost.

Wolf Lord / Wolf Devil (J)

These blue Werewolves are only found in the Mana Fortress. They act exactly the same as normal Werewolves. They drop Faerie Rings as well as Glove Orbs.

Seiken Densetsu 3

In SD3 Werewolves are classified as Animals.


These gray haired wolves wearing brown tunics are found in the Moonlight Forest and the Beast Kingdom. They correspond to Kevin’s Grappler class and have the Ashura Dream Fist technique. They attack with a punch and an uppercut.

Black Fang

Black fangs are blonde haired and wear a purple garb. They are found in the Moonlight Forest and the Beast Kingdom. They are similar to Kevin’s Bashkar class and have the Water-Moon Slice technique. They attack with a punch by itself or with an uppercut.

Silver Wolf

These holy Werewolves wear green and are silver in color. They are found in the Moonreading Tower. They are similar to Kevin’s Warrior Monk class. They will use a multitargeted Heal Light when they are low on life. Sometimes their kicks will deliver their Bone Crush attack which can lower your power. They share the Warrior Monk’s Genbu-100 Kick technique. They attack with punches and uppercuts and have a flying kick attack which always deals no damage. The kick will inflict Bone Crush somtimes though.

Bloody Wolf

These light haired and red garb wearing Werewolves are found in the Moonreading Tower, and one aids Jagan the Vampire in the Dark Castle. They have multiple combo attacks involving punches, kicks and uppercuts. They are similar to Kevin’s Dervish class and share his Suzaku Sky Dance technique.

Wolf Devil

Wolf Devils are encountered in the Jungle of Illusions as well as the Cave of Darkness. They can string together combos like the Bloody Wolf. They are similar to Kevin’s Death Hand class and so gain Energy Ball and the Seiryuu Death Fist technique. Their oil can be used to cast Energy Ball on one of your characters.


Lugar is a soldier of the Beast Kingdom who planned on defeating Kevin to become the heir to the Beast Kingdom. He felt that Kevin was wasting the honor because he was a pacifist. Lugar attacks your party at the Moon Reading Tower. He has the spells Energy Ball and Moon Sabre and also has all of Kevin’s second and third tier techniques. During the fight with Lugar he will change colors depending on which technique he will use. When you defeat him Luna reincarnates him as a baby.