Bestiary - Zombie

Zombies in the Seiken Densetsu series are like those portrayed in other games and media. Their attacks usually lead to you becoming poisoned. In most of the games they are dressed in fancy clothes which have fallen into disrepair. They usually have green or purple skin.

Final Fantasy Adventure


In FFA Zombies are paired with Were Mice. They wander around the room aimlessly and have a chance to poison you if you get too close.

Secret of Mana

In SoM Zombies are classified as Undead.


Zombies are found in the Pandora Ruins. Tomato Men have the ability to summon them to fight. Their main methods of attacking are by jumping at you and by spraying poisonous spit at you. They can cast Speed Up on themselves, and before they do they will do the Moonwalk.


These enemies are found in the Northtown Ruins. Ghouls are exactly like the zombies before them, just a little stronger. In the Underground City there is a subway train full of nothing but these enemies.

Seiken Densetsu 3

In SD3 Zombies are classified as Undead.


In SD3 Zombies can be found on the Gold Road, on the Path to the Heavens outside Rolante Castle and in the Mirage Palace if they are summoned by Necromancers. Their normal attacks have a very high chance of poisoning and they also have a Poison Breath attack which will poison whoever is in range.


Ghouls are found in the Mirage Palace or wherever Necromancers will summon them. They have a Nibble attack which can hit multiple times, and their normal attack involves their ribs splitting out and clamping your character. Their ribcage attack will usually poison. Sometimes they will throw their head at your for their Head Buster attack which will do damage and speed down your character.

Legend of Mana

In LoM Zombies are classified as Undead.

Zombine / Zombie (J)

According to the game the Zombies in LoM are “just born this way”. They look similar to the zombies from the games before them, but wear a red bandana on their head. They attack by biting, scratching, trapping you with their ribs and by smashing you into the ground. As a pet they will add poison to your attacks.