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Tell Them Through Social Media

Post by RevRFish » Tue May 07, 2013 2:17 am

I know that many of you, like me, have a love and a passion for Secret of Mana -finest RPG ever created. It seems to me that Squeenix is refusing to port SoM to a legit handheld system so that they can continue to produce subpar Mana games (seriously, Children of Mana? And that PS2 Mana game??) to liberate us of our hard earned monies.

But social media is a b!tch. I would like to propose a campaign where we gather as many SoM fans as we can and flood the social pages of Squeenix (@SquareEnixUSA and Square Enix, USA FB page) with request for a port of #SecretofMana to the #NintendoDSi.

There would need to be a lot of us. We could gather fellow gamers to join with us and hit them daily with requests. Would anyone be interested, and how many people could we get onboard?

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Re: Tell Them Through Social Media

Post by Khyron » Tue May 07, 2013 5:50 pm

I'm game (no pun intended). Unfortunately, until Square sees the $ in it the likelihood of a Mana or a SD3 port to a current system is highly unlikely. How long have many, many more fans than what we could muster been begging Square for a FFVII remake with nothing but disrespect and (Kingdon Hearts) as their response. Square has chosen to replace engrossing story lines and engaging characters with pretty graphics that hide soulless games. Hopefully their new CEO will right the ship and start listening to what their customers are telling them.

Yeah, I'm jaded- but I'd be happy to sign up w/ you to let Square know that their mostly useless and are not likely to see any more of my cash anytime soon unless someone over there gets with the program.

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