Thanks, Amazon!

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Thanks, Amazon!

Post by Khyron » Mon Jan 21, 2013 6:29 pm

So I logged onto my Amazon Cloud player a few minutes ago to discover that Amazon is now sending me the MP3 files for the physical copies of albums I purchase directly from them. So the Tron:Legacy CD that I purchased for my son and the Lumineers CD that was for my wife are now on my cloud player. Bonus! I have an itunes account that I never use and am really happy with Amazon's download service. There are tons of albums that are $5 or less which, since I'm cheap, is a good thing.

Maybe one day we'll have a new Mana game to talk about... Until then it's The Hobbit and where the best pizza place is on the East Coast.

The undisputed champion, as I'm sure you were all wondering, is B.O.P. (Brick Oven Pizza) in Fells Point, Maryland. :party:

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Re: Thanks, Amazon!

Post by manaman » Wed Jan 30, 2013 10:52 pm

Yeah, that's kind of a neat thing that Amazon is doing now. I personally went over to (the Dark Side as many would say) Apple since I started getting more and more Apple products. It's convenient to have everything in iTunes. As for me, I'm thanking Amazon because they delivered my copy of the Hyrule Historia yesterday!

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