OK, let's see if I remember how this thing works...

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OK, let's see if I remember how this thing works...

Post by Mezclas_Quimicas » Wed Nov 18, 2020 4:48 pm

Howdy folks. Been a while, yes? (Mezclas_Quimicas = Magus_Melchior = Earl of Sandvich (Steam))

Google was telling me that a password here was compromised and should be changed. Not sure if this account caused any trouble in the... 12? years I've been gone, but if it did, the fool who did it didn't change the password. Joke's on him. In the time I've been gone, Facebook decided to perform experiments on its users and Google decided it just didn't care about social networks, so my social media activity consists of doom-scrolling Reddit anonymously and ranting in YouTube comments. I do have LinkedIn, but I hardly use it... it's gonna be bought by Facebook. It's only a matter of time.

I remember like... six names here. I feel like a main character in a game or anime with his memory wiped, like Lann/Reyn from World of Final Fantasy (which I'm playing on Switch when I'm not busy killing monsters in Opera Omnia). Duran I do remember, that translation project was fun, although I'm not sure he felt the same way putting up with my inconsistent schedule.

How is everyone? Staying a safe distance with a decent face mask, I hope? What started as a dry cough this past weekend became a full-blown lung infection complete with a heart rate of 140 bpm, so that was fun. PCR test turned up negative, so that's a relief. Well, almost, instead of the 'rona it's a nasty cold/flu with mild pneumonia symptoms (nasty-smelling cough, blech). This thing inflamed my lungs to the point where I understand what Chris Cuomo meant when he said "it's like having gravel in your lungs." I didn't get the general body aches, malaise, loss of taste/smell, or the skin lesions... and now I'm reminded of Plague, Inc. Having this year's pandemic now mostly modeled in the new free Cure expansion is both entertaining and a bit alarming.

I don't know if I still have that totally awesome avatar of Yue from way back, but if I ever find it I'm totally setting that as my avatar again.

What else... I'm working at a place that builds prototype and concept cars, that has 4 massive CNC machines. I was brought on to expand new technology stuff through electronics and 3D printing. Hoping to add machine learning to that, but training the model is an expensive proposition.

I've mostly stepped away from the PC gaming master race. Expensive hobby, especially when the player is also an anime otaku. That got scaled back too, though. Most of my gaming is on my Android phone now, or playing games on a potato ThinkPad that I pray doesn't melt when I fire up Trials of Mana. Factorio and shapez.io are my main go-tos.

So that's about it from me. I might check in later, although the best way to contact me is via email or Steam. The avatar on my Steam profile has a weird dumpy Asian-looking android with glasses, a blue shirt, and a generic non-Apple smartphone.

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