SwoM Fansite - making all the crap easy to understand

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SwoM Fansite - making all the crap easy to understand

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Content: a Knight's Promise - SwoM Fansite

  • Visual depictions of Classes trees, bonuses, and their base stats.
  • Weapon & Armor lists that arrange by their power/defense and not by the (game's) Material ordering.
  • Material lists that shows all the equipment it makes and effects they get.
  • Screenshots of all Cyclopes, Rare Monsters, and Spirit Quest locations.
  • Clear, specific, and easy to comprehend instructions for Cyclopes, Rare Monsters, and Spirit Quest Locations.
  • Guides to game mechanics that allow players to use them organically and not suffer Analysis paralysis. E.g. what's the best class? Oh no I screwed up because shouldn't have forged this?
  • Video clip of Irwin Summon.
I'd appreciate any feed back, especially on the tables the appearance and flow of the tables. Do they hurt your eyes? Can you find desired information easily? Is the data easy to comprehend and intuitive? Finally are there any other mechanics, topics, tips, or guides that could be included? (No walkthroughs though.)

Background Inspiration and Medium Choice
I though very long and hard on how to contribute this information to the Internet. A wiki would be ideal except that the Mana wiki does not have a strong community or framework. I'm unfamiliar with wiki markups (as compared to HTML). Also the wiki standards would have those unhelpful laundry list tables with official game listings and descriptions. I would like to make a theSeikens itself or legendofmana.info, but I'm not Internet savvy. I can program, code, and analyses, but not design, sever, or setup a sleek site. I was a contributor to RPGClassics.com, but I don't want to do that 150% quality quality of listing all information of SwoM. (I may may do it latter on, but not at the moment.) The current and probably niche and possibly emerging method is the fan site on a blog which I did. I took my cues mostly from Life is RPG which is probably the best and easiest to use source for FFCC: Echoes of Time.

Background Inspiration
At first I didn't like SwoM. It was too much like LoM, and it's all the LoM mechanics that clutter up SwoM. However the more I played it the more I have grown to like SwoM. I can really see how down inside it is FFA. It just suffers a death of 1000 cuts. Once you wrap you head around all the (mostly and easily ignorable) mechanics it's a fun romp. I still think FFA is the superior game, but I'm playing SwoM more often. I figured out all the stuff so that other can enjoy this game as well, just like SD1-3.

Thanks for just stopping by this thread, let alone giving any input. :party:

P.S. could any main site design please put the SwoM classes in the SD3 order of LL, LD, DL, and DD? I've no clue to why it's currently LD, LL, DD, DL.
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