Because 19 Years Was Long Enough.

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Because 19 Years Was Long Enough.

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Sorry I've been MIA, everyone; our computer died several months ago and my wife and I have been using our cell phones in lieu of dropping couple hundred on a new all reality, I just need to pony up the dough and buy a new one.

So I finally decided 19 years was long enough to wait for Square to release SD3 in the U.S. and bought one of the fan made copies on ebay. I'm only about 2 hours into Lise's quest but can already say that the game is exceeding my expectations. It still boggles my mind that Square has had this beautifully hand-drawn gem sitting on their shelves for nearly 2 decades. No doubt this would have been a Top 5 SNES game for me back in 95. That was also the year I graduated High school so it would have made an excellent graduation gift, too.

So that being said, I'm curious to know what my fellow Seikens think of SD3. Did it live up to your expectations or disappoint you? What is your favorite main character or sequence in the game? Would you want a fan made game like Crimson Echoes or is that blasphemy?
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