I'm alive! And I'm streaming SoM on Twitch on Wednesdays!

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I'm alive! And I'm streaming SoM on Twitch on Wednesdays!

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Heyo, everyone!

Man, it's been a little while. Some of you may know I've started streaming a couple years ago. Anyway, I finally am doing something that a ton of people have wanted and asked me about: I'm streaming my favorite game of all time, Secret of Mana. I'm going to be streaming it Wednesday nights starting at 8:30 p.m. PT and going about two hours each session. It's a three player co-op, casual playthrough with a friend who has never played the game and a friend who knows many of the ins and outs. We're using all original hardware, too! I've got my SNES all hooked up along with the Super Multitap!

I know this may come across as blatant self promotion but I thought if anyone would be interested, it would be any of the amazing people I met on this board years ago when we shared our love of this series.

Anyway, I'm artofmana on Twitch. I tweeted this out here.


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