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Re: Biographies

Post by Nedliv »

Um, i just throw in some new biographie.

Name: Florian
Screen Names(s): mostly Nedliv, one time Prietzel
Birthdate: 18 May
Sex: Male
Location: Moers, last Outpost of the "Pott", most closed populated array in Germany
Political Affiliation: i hate politics _._
Religion: God forbid
Occupation: digital media designer, funcional direction Print
Spoken Languages: leading german, but i dabble in speaking english (sometimes just nooblike).
Hobbies: image editing, guitar playing, songwriting, drawing, parkour, photograph and actual everything creative
Favorite Music: Sometree! but also Stuff like Appleseed Cast, Klez.e, Callisto, the bird and the bee, sunny day real estate, ClickClickDecker, and more. um, game soundtracks too. and normal soundtracks. mh... actually i'm listening to almost everything, that sounds good.
Favorite Television Show(s): LOST *-* and how i met your mother. two and a half man is funny, too.
Favorite Movie(s): Quentin Tarantino Series, Lemony Snicket, Classics like Indiana Jones and Star Wars, Hook, Pirates of the Caribbean (cause' it reminds me of monkey island :3), Tamala 2010, The Fall, Nightmare before Christmas and many many other good stuff (even serious movies like franklyn or memento or something)
Favorite Anime: Cowboy Bebop, Escaflowne, FLCL, Ultimate Hellsing, Last Exile, Haibane Renmei, Nie A Under 7
Favorite Game(s): Beyond Good and Evil, Seiken Densetsu 2 and 3, Zelda Series, Super Mario Kart (SNES), Monkey Island Series
Favorite Book(s): Daniel Abraham - The Long Price Quartet Series, ROBOT Color Comic, Wormswood Gentleman Corpse (yes i know, these are comics, but i'm not really reading much books :o)
Favourite Manga(s): Yotsuba &! Series, Legend of Mana Series, Soul Eater Series, Highschool of Dead Series, Warcraft Series, Tegami Bachi Series

so, go on with your alive/not alive-discussion :)
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Re: Biographies

Post by Abdul_Moti »

(minor) Intelligence data updated.

Name: Abdul Rohim
Screen Names: Jawir, Abdul_Moti, Overmind, Crimea Kamov
Birthdate: February 17th 1992
Sex: Male
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Political Affiliation: Neutral
Religion: Islam
Occupation: An undergraduate in Geography at University of Indonesia.
Spoken Languages: Bahasa Indonesia, English, Arabic
Hobbies: Gaming, reading, visual tweaking

Favorite Music: Video game Soundtracks, Jazz, desert-rythmical music
Favorite TV Shows: Supernatural, Documenters, Top Gear
Favorite Movies: Disney's Donald Duck, Dune, The Day After Tomorrow, Independence Day, National Treasure
Favorite Anime: Digimon (all series), Eyeshield 21, Detective Conan
Favorite Games: Seiken Densetsu series, Command and Conquer series, Dune series, Castlevania series, Zelda: A Link to the Past, Digimon series, Colin McRae series, Gran Turismo series, fishing games
Favorite Book: the Da Vinci Code, Harun Yahya
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Re: Biographies

Post by MemberBlue »

It's been forever since i've really posted here, might as well tell ya'll the monster I've become :P

Lets see...I sorta stopped posting here regularly in 2007. I moved back to Wyoming back then, dealt with a lot of social anxiety with people I thought were my friends and allowed myself to be persuaded by them, then de-suaded myself till late 2009. During that time I kept myself busy by working 2 jobs and going to school all full time. That sort of sucked. I moved back to Minnesota early this year, with only 1 class left to finish my degree...that's still pending; im not too worried about it though since I was just getting my gen-ed stuff out of the way. So I'm still figuring out if it'd be better to finish the last lab science online next semester, or just transfer it all to university when I do go.
Anyways, went to duluth to intern with this organization that's dedicated to social justice and helping those that are impoverished/in desparity. It was a great experience, also veeeery stressful since we had to live hand in hand with lots of families who didn't take care of their kids or people who didn't take care of themselves, and there was only so much we as interns could do to counsel/help them. Aside from that I ate some mushrooms in my spare time, exercised/biked more, made music with friends I met, enjoyed living 2 blocks from lake superior, and realized it's not so fun 'growing up'...I still think I'm a kid in my mind :( I am damnit!!

Now I live in rural minnesota with a regular care-taker job, and trying to figure out what it is I really want to do with college when I go, so that I don't change my major half-way through, effectively screwing myself. I think I wanna be involved in the media and journalism, but not 100% sure...yet.
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Re: Biographies

Post by gamekrazzy »

Name: Kyle Schaff
Birthdate: June 4th
Sex: Male
Age: 17
Location: Hardin, Montana (USA)
Political Affiliation: Do I really have one?
Religion: Catholic
Occupation: High School Student, Sandwich Artist
Spoken Languages: Only English
Hobbies: Simply being creative
Favorite Music: Gorrilaz!!! :D
Favorite Television Show(s): I'm crazy because I don't watch much TV...
Favorite Movie(s): I prefer not to play favorites... but Most Disney Movies are good. XD
Favorite Anime: Sadly... I don't know much anime... though I thought Witchblade and Deathnote were pretty good.
Favorite Game(s): All of the Seiken Densetsu Series, Legend of Zelda, Mario, Baten Kaitos, All of the Fable Series, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Chrono Trigger, Vindictis... there are too many for me to count...
Favorite Book(s): R.A. Salvator's books.
Favourite Manga(s): I don't read much manga's... Im a sad.. sad.. strange little rabite

And now you guys know a little bit about me. :P
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Re: Biographies

Post by RemiCorps »

Name: Remington
Screen Names(s): RemiCorps
Birthdate: May 14th, 1986
Sex: Male
Location: San Diego, CA (USA)
Political Affiliation: None
Religion: Agnostic
Occupation: United States Marine
Spoken Languages: English and Spanish
Hobbies: Music, working out, video games, self defense, shooting weapons.

Favorite Music: Jazz/swing all the way to Rock n' Roll. If it sounds good to me, I'll listen to anything. My favorite
Favorite Television Show(s): I don't want too much TV anymore. Mostly old stuff! :P
Favorite Movie(s): Lost in Translation, Die Hard, Princess Bride, Dragonheart, Rocky
Favorite Anime: Samurai Champloo
Favorite Game(s): Secret of Mana, Red Dead Redemption, Illusion of Gaia, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Favorite Book(s): Neuromancer, Fight Club, American Psycho
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Re: Biographies

Post by Diana_Liuba »

Name: Uhm... it's French so you won't probably can't speak...
Screen Names(s): Diana Liuba or Amaterasu (Omikami)
Birthdate: April 30th, 1996
Sex: female
Location: Thuringia, Germany (half Belgian, half German!)
Political Affiliation: Monarchery! YAY!
Religion: I belong to the Goddess of Mana
Occupation: pupil
Spoken Languages: German, Dutch, French, Russian, English
I also can understand the nord european languages and a bit Japanese.
Hobbies: Erm... Music? And Music... And Music. Oh yeah... did I mention music? Playing piano, playing guitar, playing recorder (flute), go on peoples nerves, reading, playing video games, loving the world, loving anime and manga, and a lot more

Favorite Music:
Finnish Symphonic Metal bands, Opera, Operetta, romantic music
Favorite Television Show(s): I'm economist, I don't watch TV
Favorite Movie(s): All movies from Hayao Myasaki and Rumiko Takahashi
Favorite Anime: INU YASHA! *__* Zero no Tsukaima, Gosick, and a lot brutal anime... And YES! I'm a girl! I mean... I believe...
Favorite Game(s): Okami.... Okami... Okami... Oh yeah! Okami! Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon, Mystic Quest aka Final Fantasy Adventure, Secret of Mana, Seiken Densetsu 3, Legend of Mana, Sword of Mana, Children of Mana, Dawn of Mana, Heroes of Mana, Tales of-Series, Animal Crossing series (my soft part xD), Fire Emblem-series, Gothic series, Risen, Baldur's Gate, uhm... that's it!
Favorite Book(s): Some German novelist's book, most Monika Felten; The Magister Triology by Celia S. Friedman; The Demon Triology by Peter V. Brett; Uhm... Inu Yasha Mangas; some no name mangas with only one volume; The Ressurectionist (bought in Bourmouth/Poole so it's English); Introduction books from games
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Re: Biographies

Post by PhononMazer »

Decided to stop by and say "hello"...hello! (This is former user TerrasGenome aka MemberBlue aka Holland aka i'm still alive). I can never remember which email I attached each new user account I started here >>;

I'm living it up in the fargo-moorhead area North Dakota/Minnesota in the US aka enemy of the world :\...i remember this board's always had a lively international community, so i'm representing my turf :P. I'm finishing my bachelors degree in film production...give me degree aaaaaauuuuuuuuhhhhgggg!! And in general I am dissatisfied with life, but I do enjoy homemade cupcakes more than I ever have. Beyond that depressive testament though, I'm enjoying college life a lot even if moorhead blows as a college town. I mean there's next to no local businesses that cater to kids like me who wanna be healthy. But there's so many cool opportunities I'm taking advantage of, so many people I never would have met had I not started here, so...I'm cool with the trade off.

Happy summer break my college and non-college peeps :)

I'll try and remember the password to this user account so I don't have to create another one, the next time I log in during 2014 :) (jk..maybe)

That's my story these days...
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Re: Biographies

Post by Khyron »

Name: Justin
Screen Names(s): Khyron
Birthdate: July 1977 (Am I the oldest here?!?)
Sex: Male
Location: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, US
Political Affiliation: Libertarian
Religion: Christian
Occupation: You wouldn't believe me.
Spoken Languages: English & just enough Spanish to be dangerous
Hobbies: Music, Photography (specifically old & abandoned buildings)
Favorite Music: All metal except black/death. Folk rock, 80's synth-pop, Shoegaze & House
Favorite Television Show(s): Taxi, Top Gear & Dukes of Hazzard
Favorite Movie(s): How Green Was My Valley, Rocky, A Tree Grows In Brooklyn, Seven Samurai, 36 Chambers of Shaolin/Shaolin Master Killer, The Straight Story, The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy & Sunset Boulevard
Favorite Anime: Robotech/Macross (hence the screen name)
Favorite Game(s): Phantasy Star, Secret Of Mana, Tetris Attack, FFVII, Chrono Trigger, Halo 1, Mega Man 2, , Robotech: Battlecry, Kid Icarus, Zelda: A Link To The Past , Faxanadu & plenty of others
Favorite Book(s): The Bible, The Dark Tower series, Atlas Shrugged & Brave New World
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Re: Biographies

Post by ShiEksdee »

Name: Shi, but a lot of people call me Belladonna.
Screen Names(s): ShiEksdee cause I overuse XD XDDDDD
Birthdate: December 3 1985
Sex: Female
Location: Arkansas
Religion: Christian
Occupation: Disabled
Spoken Languages: English
Hobbies: Gaming and developing games MY BIG TWO PASSIONS~, creative arts stuff (art, animation, singing, music, writing although I suck at it), astral projection, hanging with friends, working on my myriad projects

Favorite Music: All but country really. I love music in general. Am a musics nerd. T ^T Gosh visuel kei, classical, zydeco, flamenco, thrash, gamelan, celtic, game OSTs, all the musics!
Favorite Television Show(s): I haven't watched TV in years and years. Only maybe things like crime/killer docus on YouTube? Or does Tokusatsu count cause I love that.
Favorite Movie(s): Zeiram, anything horror I mostly only watches horror stuff with some sci-fi things too
Favorite Anime: IRIA Zeiram the Animation is my fav. I also like stuff like Dragon Quest Abel Yuusha, Ryu Knight, Star Ocean EX, Melody of Oblivion, The Slayers, Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro, Deltora Quest, Idunno I watch a lot of animu. u wu *WEEBS*
Favorite Game(s): Lots of jRPGs my fav being Star Ocean 2 followed by Thousand Arms. I also big fan of Dragon Quest series (husbando is on XI! <3). And a lottttt more. I am a huge gamer though, so yeah. I even love playing old games like my first game Joust. Really love horror my fav being Deadly Premonition, but I also love Nightmare Creatures and Silent Hill. Indie's like Yume Nikki, Vanishing of Ethan Carter, etc. Simulations like The Sims, Indie Game Devver, etc. Platformers like Jersey Devil. Shootems like Silhouette Mirage and Megaman. A lot of games. I don't think there's enough room for me to get into how many games I own and love. DX Well into thousands I'd bet...........
Favorite Book(s): Anything Dean Koontz or Nathaniel Hawthorne mainly.
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