How are we feeling about our beloved franchise right now?

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How are we feeling about our beloved franchise right now?

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So, one of the things that I was thinking about recently is, as someone who got into this series because of Secret of Mana, I feel we never had another game like it. The game isn't just about the mechanics to me. And it's not even about the in-game atmosphere. It's about the unknown, the hinted at, the strange and beautiful. When I think about what shaped my view of the game, it was the clear connection with our own history and legend. That the Mana Sword and Excalibur are one and the same still fills me with awe. It was also the few drawings and depictions of the game, chief of which were the Nintendo Power illustrations. The line art and simple colors still draw me into the world. Because of the limitations of 16-bit sprites, the game was that world to me. The world of slightly fuzzy, out of focus and lore-rich adventure. Because so much of what works for me for that game is based on time (and admittedly nostalgia), I wonder if I'll ever feel the same way about another game the way I do about it. That being said, I think a talented individual who does not want to fill in all the gaps or just pay homage to the past could make an astounding and artistic game that I would enjoy perhaps even as much as Secret of Mana. I just think the way the series has been represented misses what accidentally made Secret of Mana my favorite game of all time.
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