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Bring Stabity
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Hey everyone. I'm Bring Stabity (but I go by many names in various parts of the internet). I'm a big fan of the mana series, ever since I got Final Fantasy Adventure for Christmas (I think in 1999). I've played all the old games SD1-3, as well as the mobile and GBA remakes of SD1, and the compilation on Switch.

I stream a bunch of stuff on Twitch. https://twitch.tv/Bring_Stabity

I haven't really been following Mana news, and just heard about Echoes of Mana a few days ago. As soon as I heard it was coming out, I decided I need to stream it! In the meantime, I hope to brush up my mana knowledge (or should that be, Knowledge of Mana?)
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Dr. Sheexy
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Re: Hello!

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Hi there! And thanks for reporting a bit of the spam... we gotta get that under control.

We're kinda slow on here, but if you want to join us on the Discord server, here is a link!
Discord Link
It's slow there too! :P

You've gotta check out Legend of Mana, since it seems you haven't.
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